10 Unique Ways to Hide the Appearance of Cellulite


Cellulite is quite the problem for some people. Even men and women who are at a healthy weight can get cellulite. It’s annoying to have and can be pretty embarrassing. If you want to hide cellulite, you can! You can still go to the beach and wear strapless dresses! Just check out these 10 unique ways to hide the appearance of cellulite.


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1. Wear tight-fitting bottoms

  • Tight fitting clothing will smooth our your cellulite, so focus on wearing tight materials whenever you have jeans or other clothing items on.
  • Tight fitting bottoms, contrary to popular belief, will not make the cellulite more outstanding. They will actually help!
  • Don’t worry about always choosing those baggy jeans or loose-fitting pants. You can do a lot for your look with the tighter pants.

2. Wear leggings more often

  • Women will especially find that leggings reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  • You should try to choose leggings that are dark in color and thick in material weight.
  • Leggings don’t have to just be for exercising and going to sleep. You can wear them with cute tops or even summer dresses for a cute, cellulite-free look!

3. Get a tan where you have cellulite

  • Having a tan on your body can help you with the appearance of cellulite as well.
  • You should take care of your skin, however, so you’ll want to make sure that you don’t go out into the sun too often. It’s also important not to go to sun tanning beds.
  • As an alternative to these forms of tanning, you can also consider putting creams and tanning sprays on if you can find a good product that won’t streak.

4. Try drinking green tea

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  • Green tea is a great way to flush toxins and contaminants out of your body. Many people who go on detoxes use green tea.
  • Green tea is an amazing way to clear the body inside and out. Inside, green tea can get rid of that subcutaneous fat and smooth out cellulite.
  • By drinking at least 2 glasses of green teas each day, you will be able to smooth your cellulite and reduce its appearance.

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5. Skip those bad foods

  • You’ll want to maintain a healthy diet and weight as well. You can do this by skipping those bad foods that don’t help your body.
  • Start by skipping the bad foods. Choose foods that are healthy for you like veggies and fruits, lean meats and whole grains.
  • Avoid the foods that are bad for you. These include fried foods like French fries, onion rings and pizza and other sweets like ice cream, candies and cakes.

6. Massage your cellulite every day

  • You can massage your skin to help reduce the appearance of cellulite as well. Do this at least once every day if you can. Otherwise, the subcutaneous fat might end up being very noticeable.
  • Massage can be done by yourself, but you can also go to a massage therapist to get it done there. Sometimes, it’s easier to ask someone to massage your cellulite for you because you need to use some force and strength.
  • Massage the areas that have the most cellulite. You should also consider using a cream, serum or massage oil to help your finger tips glide over the skin much easier.

7. Try bronzer or shimmery creams

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  • In addition to truly being tan, you might be able to simply use bronzing creams or shimmery creams if you want to reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  • You can get a bronzer from a drugstore in powder or liquid form.
  • Bronzers or shimmers deflect the appearance of cellulite and take the focus off of those dimples. It’s a great way to reduce cellulite.

how to get rid of cellulite fast

8. Use skin tightening creams

  • Some creams and serums will help you with cellulite. Not all of these creams work, though, so make sure that you choose the quality products.
  • There are lots of creams on the market, so look for the ones that have the highest ratings.
  • Finally, look for those that contain shea butter and jojoba oil as these products are going to be the best for taking care of cellulite.

9. Choose dark, thick-fabric clothing over light clothing

  • You’ll want to choose clothing that is dark in color and that that has thick fabric. This is going to help smooth out your legs or other areas where you have a problem with cellulite.
  • This may be hard sometimes, but it’s important to try to choose dark clothing over light clothing because light clothing shows cellulite very well.
  • In addition, thick clothing will not be able to show the cellulite the way that light, thin clothing will.

10. Squat that cellulite away

  • If you want to get rid of cellulite in your legs or on other areas of your body, you should consider truly getting rid of cellulite.
  • You can get rid of the cellulite by losing fat and increasing the amount of muscles you have.
  • A lot of what you will do will need to be strength training. This strength training will help to add more muscles to your thighs and other places on your body. The fat will melt off. All of this will make that cellulite disappear for good!

Remember, there’s nothing to be ashamed about if you have cellulite. If it’s a problem that you’re facing, all you have to do is read great articles like this one to see what you can do to hide the appearance of cellulite. You can also learn how to get rid of cellulite altogether this way.

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Overall, I hope you enjoy this article, and as always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts below.