A Look at Cellulite Laser Treatment Before and After Pictures


We wanted to present to you some before and after pictures that showed real women who have had cellulite laser treatment done to them in the past. Before and after pictures are often the best way to gauge whether a treatment plan might be right for you because you can actually see the results on other women like yourself.


If you suffer from cellulite somewhere on your body, check out the results that these five women have had and see for yourself how cellulite treatment might be just the thing for you!

What Is Cellulite Laser Treatment?

Cellulite laser treatment is a treatment that uses actual infrared lasers to attack areas on your skin that have severe cellulite. Cellulite appears as dimples on the skin that often create the appearance of an orange peel. The lumps and bumps that appear because of cellulite can be taken care of with cellulite laser treatment, and many women have seen some amazing results!


What Can You Look Forward to With Cellulite Laser Treatment?

Check out these awesome benefits that you will be able to look forward to with cellulite laser treatment.

  • More even skin tone where cellulite used to be a problem
  • Smoother skin that is also softer to the touch
  • Tauter and tighter skin
  • The reduction of fine lines and wrinkles due to sun damage and age
  • Less overall lumps and bumps from cellulite
  • Some women actually lose inches from their legs, upper arms and stomach or back area

1. Gerri Sandusky, Horticulturist from New York, NY

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Gerri got the laser treatment after she retired. She wanted to do something nice for herself, and the cellulite on her legs had always really bothered her and kept her from doing the things that she loved like swimming, hiking and ballroom dancing with her husband.

“I told myself that that retirement was not the end and that I had to make sure I kept on top of my appearance so that I didn’t fall prey to just forgetting about how I looked! That was really hard when I ended up having so much extra time on my hands. I wanted to start my first retirement year out right, so when I decided to do something special for myself, I thought laser treatment for my big cellulite problem would be the best solution—and it totally was worth all the money!”

2. Alison Shandy, Teacher from Brighton, UK

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Alison didn’t even notice she had any cellulite until a co-worker mentioned it to her on a summer picnic. She became very embarrassed and depressed about it until her sister told her that all she needed to do was get laser treatment to get rid of the dimples.

“I was really pretty man and embarrassed when a friend of mine at work called me out on having cellulite. I tried to just brush it off, and my husband told me not to worry about it, but I couldn’t shake it. It was not until Sara, my older sister told me that all I needed to do was get the cellulite laser treatment that I actually thought I would do something about it. I’m really glad I did because I no longer have a complex about that part of my body.”

3. Pilar Garcia, Translator from Madrid, Spain

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Pilar used to be a professional swimmer, but when she quit to start a family with her then husband, she found that her once beautiful body had started to look ragged and aged very quickly. She turned to laser treatment as a way to get back into shape and get her body back!

“I never thought my skin could look this good again. I was utterly and completely amazed. My kids were like ‘mommy, your skin is so soft!’ And I couldn’t have been happier. I now have the courage and self confidence I need to get back to what I love most: swimming and staying in shape—but you can’t head out swimming if you are embarrassed about the way you look! I am also looking forward to getting back into dating again after my divorce. I feel like I am a whole new woman.”

4. Georgia Reinhold, Doctor from Duluth, Minnesota

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Georgia had been telling her patients with cellulite to simply start trying to lose weight with diet and exercise for years. But when she discovered that she too was starting to see cellulite on her legs just like her mother had, she

“I always thought getting rid of cellulite or any extra fat on the body would be completely easy, but it was really hard when I saw that I had a lot of cellulite of my own to deal with. The only thing that really ended up working for me was this laser treatment, and I am just so happy that I tried it out!!”

5. Tina Wright, Artist from Sacramento, CA

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Tina got cellulite laser treatment after she had children. She felt that her legs looked awful, and she hated wearing shorts, skirts or even dresses of any kind. As you can see, she has had an enormous amount of improvement around her buttocks.

“I hated my legs before! I read about cellulite laser treatment online, and thought ‘what the heck! I’ll give it a try!’ Boy am I glad I did. I love my new legs, and I am no longer ashamed or embarrassed abut wearing shorts or going to the beach!”

So Is Cellulite Laser Treatment Right for You?

Just look above at all of the before and after pictures to see if cellulite laser treatment is right for you. These women have seen pretty amazing results, and this could happen to you as well! Find a qualified and experienced practitioner of laser treatment near you at a medical spa or beauty spa, and look forward to smooth and cellulite-free skin in your future!

Overall, I hope you enjoy this article, and as always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts below.