All About Cellulite Laser Treatment


Cellulite plagues many people and causes a lot of embarrassment to many as well. When you go to the beach, you of course want to be able to wear your favorite suit as skimpy as it may be. But if you have a lot of cellulite on your thighs, buttocks, calves, arms or tummy, then you’re definitely going to be to embarrassed to wear your suit.


But you can get rid of cellulite! There are ways. Many people use serums, creams, therapies and exercise to try to get rid of it, but in truth, there are better ways to do this. The easiest and fastest way to get rid of cellulite is with cellulite laser treatment. This technology is new, but it is very effective, and it can do a lot for your

What Is Cellulite?

Many people experience cellulite on their bodies, but they may not be sure what exactly it is. Cellulite is not anything that is fun, but first of all, it’s certainly nothing to be scared of. Cellulite is perfectly natural and can happen on anyone.


You will know what cellulite is when you see that your skin is dimpled in places and has a cottage cheese effect on it. You will notice that the skin has some pits in it in areas if the cellulite is very bad. So what causes the cellulite from forming in the first place? Cellulite is the effect that happens when the fat beneath the top layers of skin essentially curdles and forms these dimples. This fat is called subcutaneous fat, and it is not attractive! Fortunately for those who suffer from this condition, you can get rid of cellulite with the laser treatment.

What Is Cellulite Laser Treatment?

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For those men and women who suffer from cellulite on the legs, arms or stomach, there is an exciting new technology now available called cellulite laser treatment that can take care of this skin condition. There are several things that you should know about it.

  • First, this is a new treatment, but that doesn’t mean that it did not undergo extensive testing to become perfectly safe and effective for the treatment of cellulite.
  • Next, know that this treatment was approved by the Food and Drug Administration or the FDA, so it is actually guaranteed safe.

What Causes Cellulite to Form in the First Place?

There are different reasons why cellulite forms, and it will vary from person to person

  • For many people, it is simply genetics that causes cellulite to form. If your mother, father or grandmother had cellulite, then this could be why you have it!
  • Sometimes, there are people who have cellulite simply because they carry a little extra weight around. You will notice that if you have extra weigh ton your hips, upper arms, back or stomach, you get more cellulite. Losing weight may help with cellulite, but actually, the laser treatment can be just as effective and is definitely easier and much faster for most people.
  • For others, the lack of muscle is what causes cellulite to form. Some people are very thin, so it’s not as much about having excess fat on the body, but it’s more about lack of muscle. You need to have some toning on your body to keep yourself from having too much cellulite and fat in general.

How Long Has This Treatment Been Used on Patients?

The cellulite laser treatment began as a therapy that was only tested and used in some various trials here and there, but it is now a proven therapy for treating the skin that comes with cellulite. It has been three years in the making since this treatment started out in the minds of a few doctors and plastic surgeons. It took two or three treatment centers to complete the trials and bring this treatment to fruition. Of course, before this type of treatment, there were others. But most of the other treatments had to be phased in in several treatments. With this newest of cellulite laser treatments, you can see the effects in just one session at the doctor’s office or at your local medical spa.

After Treatment, Will the Skin Be Completely Smooth?

First of all, you will need to be patient with this treatment, so it’s important to not forget that. The results won’t exactly show up right away. Instead, it’s important to wait and do the post treatment that is asked of you by your doctor.

On the other hand, you will see amazing results from this treatment! It is said that you will see about a 50 to 60 percent improvement in your skin. It will definitely be a lot smoother, but again, be patient.

How Is This Treatment Usually Priced?

Pricing will vary for cellulite laser treatment. It may be different depending on where you live and where you are choosing to get your treatment performed. If you are looking to get this treatment right away, the best place to go for it is to a medical spa nearby. Medical spas have good payment options for most people. Most of the time, your treatment will be priced based on how big you want your treatment area to be. For example, you can base the pricing on a grid. Certain zones of the body may be a little more pricey that others, so keep this in mind. In general, the stomach, thighs and buttocks are all the same price. The doctor will place a grid over the area, count the squares and charge you based on how many squares you want to have treated. You can sometimes make monthly payments as well if you cannot pay the lump sum all at once.

Is This Treatment Painful?

No, this treatment is not painful for you.

Many people have had great success with cellulite laser treatment, so it’s important to consider this when you are looking to solutions for your cellulite issue. Use this guide to help you make this important decision and good luck!

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