Braun 7681 silk-epil 7 xpressive pro epilator Review

Braun 7681 xpressive pro epilator Review

braun 7681Braun introduces a new and innovative idea, meaning we can finally use the epilator in the water also for removing facial hair. The epilators from Braun are actually some of the well-known models for quite some time now and widely available. Also, this model is one of the best selling epilators on Amazon, with an excellent price.

The Braun 7681 Silk Epil 7 Epilator is among the best epilators that Braun produces, and many customers applaud its ability to remove hair effectively.

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General Overview

Similarly to all Braun epilators in the Silk Epil 7 spectrum, they are intended to remove leg and body hair from the root, leaving smooth skin for a longer period of time. Then again, the 7681 epilators are designed to remove hair even more effectively from the root than other Silk Epil 7 products, which means they are fit for removing hair successfully on the more sensitive zones, including the face and bikini line.

braun silk-épil 7 7681 wet & dry cordless epilator

Features overview

The epilator has a high-frequency massage system that calms the skin from the culling vibe of the epilator’s tweezers. 40 tweezers are designed with close grip innovation so they come amazingly near the skin and grasp the finest hairs of 0.5mm.

The number of tweezers covers a more extensive surface range and catches more hair with every pass. The 7681 is made to give top performance both out and in the shower due to the fact that it is dry and wet epilator.

In addition, the epilator highlights soft lift tips that lift even level lying hairs and lead them into the tweezers. This way, you can benefit from a totally smooth skin for an extensive period of time. It features cordless utilization, and it performs for more than 40 minutes, sufficient time for the full process.

The epilator can be utilized on all parts of the body with its turning head that rotates 15 degrees back and forwards, subsequently giving a smooth epilation on the legs, arms, underarms, bikini line and even for the face. You have complete control over the gadget because it has 2 speeds, one for a delicate epilation, and one for a quicker epilation.


  • Speed personalization for individual needs,
  • Cordless use for a better convenience,
  • The Smart light will help you to find and remove the finest hairs.


If you wish to try the innovation and technique from one of the best brands, then you will discover it in the Braun silk-epil 7681. This epilator has been intended to demonstrate that there is no other hair removal strategy that beats the viability of epilation, whether it is shaving, waxing or hair removal creams.

It is exceptionally delicate on the skin and it also has pre-epilation wipes that will help to set up your skin in anticipation of the process of epilating.

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  • Silk-épil 7681
  • Shaver Head
  • Trimmer Cap
  • Cap for Sensitive Areas
  • Facial Cap
  • Efficiency Cap
  • Pre-Epilation Wipes
  • Pouchbraun silk-épil 7 7681 wet & dry cordless epilator


  • Pivoting head: for more accurate hair removal and ease in each one of those difficult to reach regions, the epilator is designed with a head that rotates 15 degrees in reverse and forward. It additionally helps the epilator to effortlessly adjust to your body forms.
  • Close-grip technology: this type of technology is mixed in the epilator’s tweezers so that they can come near the skin remove even fine hairs and strands.
  • Speed personalization: the users can benefit from complete control over the epilator. It has two-speed settings, one is soft to offer an extremely gentle epilation and the other is fast, for a quick and efficient epilation.
  • High frequency massage system: for more comfort and less pain the massage system will stimulate and excellently calm the skin during the entire process.
  • Smart light: the epilator showcases a smart light feature that helps to immediately see fine and small hairs that may remain.
  • Soft lift tips: to ensure really effective hair removal solutions, the epilator has lifted tips that lift the flat and fine lying hairs and direct them into the tweezers. Also, this helps to reduce the number of passes, and so limiting the chances of irritation.
  • Wet and dry usage: this epilator is meant to offer great performance in wet environments.
  • Cordless use: one hour of charge will give you 40 minutes of performance, it is that amazing. It can be used for the entire body while it is not plugged into power.

Who Should Buy The Product?

This epilator is fabulous for those with sensitive skin. It is designed with all the best elements to flawlessly care for delicate skin. Its frequency massage system alleviates the skin, the epilation wipes set up the skin for the procedure and the product also permits wet use.

With every one of these elements put together, it is extremely unlikely you will endure irritations, in light of the fact that the skin is truly protected.

Pros of the Braun 7681 Epilator

  • Good price,
  • More gentle on face and bikini lines,
  • The massagers will help you to soothe the skin before and after hair removal,
  • The light helps highlight hairs which otherwise could be difficult to see,
  • When fully charged it will work for about 40 minutes.

Cons of the Braun 7681 Epilator

  • It is slightly noisy when running,
  • The charging cord is relatively short.

What Others Say

The honest list of features is quite impressive, and this is reflected in the ratings and reviews received on the internet, on popular sites, such as Amazon, for example. People have applauded the fact that they can use it in the water, and the longevity of the results that actually last for quite some time, which is great for those of us who do not have much time at our disposal.

In general, the majority of customers observed this epilator be efficient at removing the hairs and practical. For those with a low pain threshold, the Braun epilator is a phenomenal decision to give you smooth skin for a longer time.


The process of pulling hairs out from the root is considered to be a painful experience, and some people may even find it unbearable. However, with the Braun 7681, improvements make epilating a less demanding experience, especially with the many features that are included specifically to make your life easier.

This item is currently available on Amazon with special price! Check it out and you surely will not regret the investment.

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