Does the Ultrasound Cellulite Treatment Truly Work?


When most people think of an ultrasound, they think of a pregnancy. To be sure, ultrasounds can be used to see inside the body and to see the growth of the baby. But they are used for much more than that as well.


One of the ways that ultrasound technology can be used is with cellulite. This is a new and revolutionary technology, but it has truly been taking the skin care industry by storm because of its high success rates in patients who have large amounts of cellulite on their thighs, buttocks, hips, stomach and upper arms.

What Is the Ultrasound Cellulite Treatment?

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The ultrasound cellulite treatment is a special kind of technology that is used with ultrasound cellulite treatment. It is called ultrasound cavitation to be exact. Not only does it get rid of cellulite, but it can also blast away fat. There is no need to worry about high frequencies of this cavitation. When used for cellulite, the frequencies are low and extremely safe. In many of the treatments, cavitation is combined with special radio frequency techniques and other massage techniques. These work together to help you get rid of your cellulite.


You may be wondering what exactly cavitation is. It is a process that actually breaks down fat tissues in local areas. As it breaks these tissues down, your body reacts by doing away with them in the urinary tract or end of the digestive system and in the lymphatic system as well.

The Amazing Benefits of the Ultrasound Cellulite Treatment

First, let’s check out the amazing benefits of the ultrasound cellulite treatment.

  • You’ll see that your skin becomes tighter and more toned.
  • You will be able to contour and shape your body. You might even lose a few inches in the waist and buttocks area.
  • Fat blasting will occur, in which there is actual a volume reduction in the fat tissues of your body. Again, you can expect to lose a few inches.
  • Finally and most importantly, you’re going to see a significant reduction in cellulite.

Where on the body is this treatment most effective?

Women who get the ultrasound cellulite treatment will find that the procedure is most effective on the stomach or abdomen region where many women have love handles in the back, on the buttocks where cellulite often gathers, on the flanks or hips, and on the sides of the legs or thighs where many women have saddlebags. The treatment can also be localized to help with cellulite on the upper arms and upper back if necessary. Women who are top heavy tend to gather cellulite in these locations on the body.

Is this a safe procedure for any woman?

Yes, this procedure is 100% safe. There are no side effects, and it is noninvasive, so there will be no downtime and no need for general or local anesthetics. You can think of this treatment as an ultrasound that pregnant women might get. Each pregnant woman will have several ultrasounds throughout her pregnancy, and they are all safe.

Will this treatment be painful?

No. Many women worry that spa treatments like this one will be painful, but this is a non invasive treatment, and there will be no pain. The only thing that may occur is that you might feel a slight buzzing as the device passes over your skin. You might also feel a slight pressure, and there maybe a small amount of redness after the procedure. Women never complain of discomfort or pain when it comes to this procedure, however.

Will I see immediate results with this treatment?

One of the best things about this ultrasound treatment is that you’re going to see results immediately after the procedure. The results are going to last a long time as well, so there’s no need to worry about them going away as time goes on. For your first treatment session, you may see a few centimeters of size reduction in the area in which you got the treatment. You might also notice smoother and softer skin where the treatment was performed. Take note, however that you’re not going to see significant results on the amounts of cellulite that you have until after the third of fourth treatment.

Will this treatment help you lose weight?

The ultrasound cellulite treatment is not intended to help women lose significant amounts of weight. In fact, it won’t actually help you to lose pounds of weight, but you may lose a few inches in size. This is confusing to many women, but when fat tissue is removed, inches may go down whereas the actual number on the scale will not change. The treatment is primarily meant to help with cellulite reduction.

Are any side effects to be expected after the procedure?

No, there are no significant side effects associated with the ultrasound cellulite treatment. You may have slight redness, but this will go away within a few minutes. Some women have also reported a little bit of nausea post-treatment, but this disappears readily and is often remedied by simply drinking a glass of water.

So Does the Ultrasound Cellulite Treatment Really Work?

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Most of the women who have used the cavitation technology with ultrasound cellulite treatment have found that it really works. You can find many before and after photos on the Internet to see for yourself. There have been a few women who didn’t see that much change after a few of the treatment sessions, but this often happens when women do not have a lot of cellulite to begin with. The best way to find out if this treatment plan will work for you is to try it for yourself. Most medical spas and dermatologist offices offer it to their customers and patients.

It doesn’t matter if you are slim or overweight, cellulite can affect anyone. Of course, most of the cellulite in the world happens to women—go figure! But if you want to truly get rid of it, you have to take serious action. Go to your local dermatologist or technician who uses ultrasound cellulite treatment today to see if this procedure could be what you have been looking for.

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