Effective Home Remedies for Blackheads Overnight


Blackheads are pores clogged with dark colored dirts and oils that can blemish the complexion of someone’s skin.  Blackheads can occur on individuals of any age,  and they are annoying and embarrassing at any age as well.


Blackheads can appear anywhere on the skin,  but they are most common on the forehead,  chin and nose.  This is called the T-zone,  ad it is where skin is often the oiliest.  If you want to get rid of blackheads at home with home remedies,  read on.

First thing’s first

Before getting into the serious home remedies for taking care of blackheads,  you’ll need to make sure you’re covering the basics.  This means taking care of your skin on a regular basis.


All products you use on your skin should be noncomedogenic.  This means they don’t have ingredients in them that will clog your pores and cause more blackheads.  Wash your face gently in the morning and at night. Pat dry before you moisturize with a calming lotion.

how to get rid of oily skin permanently

Natural Astringents

In addition to washing and moisturizing every day,  you should use a natural astringent like witch hazel each day.  This is a natural product that will clean out your pores and leave them feeling as clean as can be.

Try egg whites

Egg whites have the unique tendency to harden when they are left out.  Have you ever tried cleaning eggs up after they’ve spilled and been left on the counter for a while?  Try applying egg whites on clean skin as a mask.  Allow them to dry for 10 minutes,  then peel off the egg mask.  It should take a layer of dirt from your pores with it.

Try a baking soda paste

Baking soda is an amazing treatment that works wonders for blackheads.  Mix three teaspoons of the product with a small amount of bottled water at room temperature.  This will create a paste that you can then apply to your face.

home remedies for blackheads

Leave this paste on overnight and it will harden in a similar way that the egg white will harden.  In the morning,  wash it off with your normal face cleanser.  Do this routine for one week every night.

Remember to avoid touching your face throughout the day.  The oils from your fingertips will attach to your skin and can severely clog your pores.  In addition to the home remedies above,  you might also try changing your pillow case and face towels more often to avoid oil buildup.