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Ways to remove your facial hair effectively and quickly

There is nothing in your body that exudes confidence and inborn attractiveness similar to your face. This natural beauty and confidence would get spoiled if you have hair on your face. Though several women suffer from facial hair problem, no woman likes to talk about the problem.

Nowadays, women are prepared to talk about anything, from bikini waxes to bedroom problems, but facial hair is a subject kept tightly under wraps.

However, this problem can be resolved by using a reliable and effective skin care product, such as the Revitol hair removal cream for face. By using this cream regularly, you can attain beautiful and smooth facial skin within minutes that lasts.

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Benefits of the Revitol Facial Hair Removal Cream

Eliminating the unwanted hair from your face is quite easy through the Revitol hair removal cream for face. The product is carefully prepared for your upper lip, cheeks, eyebrows and chin. Some of the artistic benefits of this cream include:

  • The Revitol facial hair elimination cream works closely to the root even on the short hair, and it gives your face the required smoothness for a maximum period.
  • Mild and moisturizing, this hair elimination cream removes your facial hair below the surface of the skin. Plus, it softly exfoliates, leaving your facial skin smooth and bright.
  • This sensitive hair removal cream is enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, which are recognized for their soothing characteristics, so you can pamper your facial skin afterwards with this mild finishing cream.
  • This hair removal cream for face not only offers you smooth skin, but it also prevents the hair regrowth for a maximum period of four weeks.
  • This hair elimination cream is the ideal substitute to other hair elimination techniques, such as shaving and waxing. Though a razor shaving eliminates your facial hair, it may leave your skin with nicks, cuts and bumps. On the other hand, waxing, which is an expensive method of hair elimination offers you a painful hair elimination experience. As this hair removal cream for face is prepared with gentle ingredients, it offers you a painless facial hair removal experience, so you can confidently bid farewell to shaving and waxing methods.
  • The Revitol facial hair elimination cream is prepared with moisturizing almond oil, which is specially prepared for the sensitive facial skin. This makes you to eliminate redundant hair from your upper lip, cheeks, eyebrows and chin. The cream follows the curves of your face for greater coverage and hair elimination.
  • Other herbal ingredients available in the product assist your facial skin to maintain the required moisture levels to prevent irritation and leave your skin smooth and soft.

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How the product works?

The real effect of the Revitol hair removal cream for face relies on the effects of its natural ingredients. They work together to offer you the desired result quickly through their individual healing properties.

This facial hair elimination cream is crammed with two vital medically tested ingredients, such as Calcium Thiyoglicolate and Calcium Hydroxide. Both these powerful ingredients work together to control the pH levels of your facial skin to get the effect you want. The Calcium Hydroxide in the product assists it to offer a smooth hair elimination performance.

The other powerful and safe ingredients, such as Steray Alcohol, Steareth-20 and petroleum, available in the cream work together to offer an efficient and hassle-free hair removal from your upper lip, cheeks, eyebrows and chin by means of their individual properties.

Other ingredients, such as Aloe Vera plant extract and glycerin offer your facial skin the required dampness and the skin is softened by the healing properties of glycerin.

So, this Revitol facial hair elimination cream offers you an affordable and easy way to attain soft skin, while removing unwanted hairs from your face effectively and quickly.

Side effects of the Revitol Facial Depilatory Cream

As the Revitol hair removal cream for face is made from natural ingredients, there is no possibility of getting any adverse side effects. However, during the initial stage of using the cream, some may feel irritation and burning feeling and these effects would become normal in due course.

As this facial hair elimination cream is designed to offer instant effects, you will be capable of eliminating the unwanted hair from your upper lip, cheeks, eyebrows, or chin within 10 to 15 minutes.

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Ways to use the product

This facial hair elimination cream is simple to use. First, you decide the part of your face from where the hair is to be removed. Then apply the cream to that area and leave it for 10 minutes. Then, wipe off the cream using a clean damp cloth or soft towel to remove the hair completely.

Then, wash your face with clean lukewarm water and now you are the proud owner of a hairless face with soft skin.

Testimonials of the cream

Users who were using the traditional shaving method and expensive and painful waxing method to remove their unwanted facial hair, found this cream from Revitol quite easy, safe and affordable.

They felt that this product offered them a clean and beautiful hairless face besides offering them the required self confidence. Though some first-time users feel irritation while using the cream, most veterans got their desired effect within the quickest possible time.


The Revitol hair removal cream for face is prepared with powerful and medically tested ingredients to offer a safe and painless facial hair elimination experience. The product is ideal for all skin types and it makes the hair elimination in upper lips, eyebrows, cheeks and chin fairly easy and quick.

If you are seeking a painless and quick way to eliminate your facial hair, then the Revitol facial hair elimination cream kit is ideal.


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