Here’s the Only Anti Cellulite Treatment You’ll Ever Need


That uneven and dimpled skin that you see on your bottom every time you turn back and look in the mirror is probably not your friend, right? It’s cellulite, that’s why, and to be sure, cellulite is no one’s friend. In fact, it’s the enemy to most women, who tend to form it once they hit puberty or shortly after. But why do some women get cellulite and some don’t?


The answer lies sadly in genetics, which means that in some cases, you’ll be hard pressed to make a difference in how your cellulite shows up. But there is one thing that will make it go away. And you won’t probably like it. But you may if you are able to do it successfully, because it can certainly change your entire life and completely alter the way you look.

The only way to actually get rid of cellulite and the only anti cellulite treatment that is guaranteed to work for everyone is a diet. Diet and exercise, to be exact. If you want to get rid of those lumps and dimples that hang out around your thighs, you’ve got to lose the extra fat that has been causing them to form.


What Causes Cellulite in the First Place?

You’ll hear a lot of stories about why cellulite forms, and usually, only some of what you hear will actually be true. Again, it’s all about genetics and heredity. Look at your mother (if you are a woman) and see if she has cellulite. Look at your sisters, aunts and grandmothers as well. See if they have cellulite too. Whether or not they do will be an accurate indicator as to whether the cellulite you are experiencing is hereditary or not.

In fact, heredity is not always the reason for cellulite. But it is most of the time, and if it is, it’s simply going to be harder to get rid of. But with the diet we are offering here and the exercise plan that you will be implementing, you’ll be rid of that cellulite in no time!

The actual reason that cellulite forms has to do with the structure of the skin. Men typically do not get cellulite because their skin tissue cells run like a net in a crissing and crossing pattern. But for women, who also have thinner skin, the skin tissue is patterned in columns that run up and down. This pattern makes cellulite easy to see when it wants to show up!

The Go-to Anti Cellulite Treatment That Will Change Your Life

There will be several different aspects to this new diet and exercise plan that must be addressed. You must follow through with absolutely all parts of this anti cellulite treatment plan if you want it to work for you. We will go through each of the following sections in turn to explain them well and get you started on your path to a cellulite free life!

  • 1. Cardio and Strength Training Exercise
  • 2. Nutritious Meals and Less Calories
  • 3. At Least 80 Ounces of Water Each Day

1. Cardio and Strength Training Exercise

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  • First, you need to make sure that you are getting in enough cardiovascular exercise. This will help to burn off the fat that is causing the cellulite. Cardio is the easy part. You can do it by running, walking quickly, jogging, biking, swimming or playing a rough and quick sport like volleyball, soccer or track and field.
  • Next, you will need to do some strength training to build your muscles and to tone your overall body. This will definitely help to alleviate the cellulite that you have. You can start by doing strength training exercises with your own body weight, but as you become better at strength training and lifting, you will want to start adding excess weight in the form of medicine balls, kettle bells, barbells or hand weights.
  • Make sure that you stay safe while strength training, and never focus on one area of the body two days in a row. Every week, you should take a rest day in which you do not do any form of exercise whatsoever.

2. Nutritious Meals and Less Calories

  • You’ll need to start eating more nutritious meals that are filled with fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats.
  • You should cut out the bad foods that are processed and packaged. Make sure that you are not eating hardly any sugar or processed foods. These will not help your body in any way, and they will hinder your progress on your diet. Cut out foods like hamburgers, fatty pizza, candy, ice cream, cakes, donuts and refined white flour.
  • Finally, you will need to start counting calories to make sure that you’re not eating too much and hindering your progress. Keep a food diary every day, and make sure that it is with you all of the time. Record every bite you take, and write down the calories. Try to keep a deficit of around 500 cal each day.

3. At Least 80 Ounces of Water Each Day

  • Our bodies are made up mostly of water, so it makes sense that we need to have a certain amount each day to maintain our hydration levels.
  • While you are trying to lose weight, drinking my water will help your body to flesh out fat and stop gloating, which is another common cause of cellulite on the body.
  • Finally, drinking more water also helps to filter out toxins, which can makes cellulite more prominent and cause problems for you in the future.
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This diet and exercise program is not going to be easy, and you’re going to need to have a lot of patience and dedication. To help you, think about making an agenda or setting up a calendar that can help you stay on track. Or, try doing this plan with the buddy to make sure that you hold each other accountable. Good luck on your journey to the new you.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to comment below.  I look forward to hearing from you.