How the Smoothshapes Cellulite Treatment Works?


If you are headed to the beach this summer, you made be slightly self-conscious about what your body looks like. Are you going to wear a bikini and show off your smooth healthy body? Or are you going to wear a one piece with a cover up top and a sarong to hide your body?


Women hide their bodies at the beach and elsewhere because they’re ashamed of them and many feel like they have too much fat on their bodies. They may feel self-conscious about body hair, birthmarks, scars or wrinkles. But probably the thing that most bothers women and makes them embarrassed about their bodies is cellulite.

If you have cellulite, you are not alone!

The first thing to know about cellulite is that more than 85% of women in the United States experience it. It is an extremely common skin condition. But with that being said, it is extremely annoying to have it, and no women like having cellulite.


There is good news however. A brand new technology has recently taken the skin care industry by storm. This new technology is called the Smoothshapes Cellulite Treatment, and in a matter of months, it can completely get rid of your cellulite for you so that you can head out to the beach in your bikini and feel perfectly comfortable, sexy and attractive. Let’s learn more about the Smoothshapes Celltulie Treatment in the article that follows.

What technology does Smoothshapes use?

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As with most cellulite treatments that actually work, there are three special techniques that are used by the Smoothshapes treatment. Most of the women who found success with this special cellulite treatment have been perplexed as to how it actually works. In this article, we are going to go over how exactly this treatment works by focusing on each one of the three technologies that it uses one by one. This will give you a better idea of how amazing this treatment reall is. Here are the technologies below.

  • The massaging mechanism
  • Vacuum suction technology
  • Lasers to zap fat away

The massaging mechanism

The massaging mechanism is the first piece of technology that will be used to help you with your cellulite. The device used by your technician looks sort of like an iron, but don’t worry, it is not hot. It actually feels good on the skin. The massage mechanism will pull and push all of the fat beneath the top layers of skin into one area, and get it ready for the vacuum suction technology that comes next.

Vacuum suction technology

After the massage mechanism has pushed and pulled the skin just as the hands of a massage therapist would do, the vacuum section technology actually pulls the skin up. Many women fear is that this will feel painful when it happens as if a vacuum is pulling against their skin. This is not true at all, and many women say that this vacuum technology actually feels good and similar to the way that a deep tissue massage feels. After the vacuum suctions up your skin a slight amount, the lasers come next.

Lasers to zap fat away

During the treatment you have to know that lasers will be being used because you’ll need to wear protective glasses over your eyes. Special skin care lasers are amazing at stripped away fat and getting rid of the lumps and bumps that cause cellulite. After the massaging mechanism irons out the fat getting it all into one place under the skin and after the vacuum suction technology pulls up that skin and fat, it is the lasers job to actually zap it away in small bits at a time.

How long will it take for the Smoothshapes treatments to get rid of cellulite?

Most women are excited when they first hear about this new treatment technology, but they wonder how long it will actually take to work. Can you get one treatment and head off to the beach with cellulite free skin? The answer is no, unfortunately you’ll need to go in for several sessions before the progress actually show, but believe us, it will show progress for you as it has for many other women who love to use the technology.

Basically, you need to go to your dermatologist, doctor, cosmetic surgeon or beauty spa to get this treatment, and you need to get two sessions of treatment each week for approximately 4 weeks. After this, you may need to return for monthly periodic treatment sessions so that the cellulite stays away and never comes back.

Doing your part at home to get rid of cellulite once and for all

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Many women who have cellulite feel it there is no possibility that technology can actually get rid of it. But the Smoothshapes Technology will take all of these fears the way, because it really works. With that being said, we want to be real and serious with you, and we don’t want to leave anything out. That is why we are going to tell you that you will need to do your part at home while the Smoothshapes technology does its part at the doctors office.

Remember that you will be getting two sessions of this treatment each week for approximately 4 weeks, and you will need to consider getting periodic treatments after this as well. But at home there are a few things that you should be doing too.

First of all, the technician or doctor who performs this treatment will let you know if you should consider losing weight. If you need to lose 15 to 20 pounds or more to be considered in your normal weight loss category, then you may need to go on a diet and exercise plan. Your doctor can help with this. In addition, you should practice dry brushing, self massage and exfoliating treatments in the shower or bath on a daily or weekly basis.

It may be a little extra work to get rid of this cellulite, but by doing your part at home and using this amazing new treatment, you will see your progress guaranteed, and you will love the smooth skin that will be yours.

Overall, I hope you enjoy this article, and as always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts below.