How to Avoid Wrinkles Under Eyes Naturally


Wrinkles are a natural part of life. Every man and woman will get wrinkles at one point or another. But this doesn’t mean that we want them! If you are worrying about wrinkles that are building up under your eyes  don’t worry. Fortunately for you and the millions of others who have to deal with under eye wrinkles  there are natural things you can do to get rid of this skin condition. Read on to learn more.


Why Do Wrinkles Occur Under the Eyes?

As stated  it’s natural to get wrinkles on the majority of your body as you get older. Wrinkles under the eyes are especially common because the skin on this part of your face is very thin and delicate. Wrinkles occur with age for several reasons. First  as we get older  our skin does not produce as much collagen as it does when we are children and in our teenage years. This collagen is what we need to keep our skin young looking  smooth and taught. When we don’t have it  our skin gets thin and shrivels up. This causes wrinkles.

Another cause for wrinkles under the eyes is exposure to the elements. Excess exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun  for example  can cause the aging process to go faster. In addition  those who are chronic smokers tend to experience more wrinkles under the eyes.


Are There Natural Remedies for Under Eye Wrinkles?

Yes  there are some great natural remedies for getting rid of those annoying under eye wrinkles. Natural remedies are good for you because they don’t leave toxic chemicals on your skin. Many people think that natural remedies are not effective  but they are in fact. Check out this great natural mask for getting rid of under eye wrinkles.

The Best Natural Mask for Under Eye Wrinkles

The best mask for under eye wrinkles is egg whites. As you know  egg whites are liquid when you crack the egg  but over time  they harden into a crispy layer. You can then easily peel this layer away. To create an egg white mask for your under eye area  follow these directions.

  • Mix your mask

Start by mixing 1 egg white in a bowl with 1 teaspoon of honey. The honey will add moisture and a good smell to your egg white mask. Whip the ingredients together.

  • Apply the mask

Apply this mask to your face  making sure that you are starting with a clean surface  free of makeup  dirt  oil or sweat. Set your timer for 15 minutes. It might feel odd to have this mask on your skin  but it will really be helping.

  • Peel off the mask

After your 15 minutes is up  you can peel off the mask. There may be little pieces left here and there that you’ll need to wipe off with a damp wash cloth.

  • Alternate this mask with an avocado mask

Use this egg white mask on your under eye area every other week. On the off weeks  use some avocado mushed up on the area. This will restore moisture to the area.

Are There Creams That Can Help With Under Eye Wrinkles?

There are of course many creams and serums out there that claim to get rid of under eye circles. Some of these will be helpful  but not all of them. Keep this in mind because you don’t want to waste hundreds of dollars on these products only to find out that they don’t really work.

Some of the products do work  however  and these are the ones with vitamin E and retinol in them. Both of these products are helpful at getting rid of under eye wrinkles. The latter product  retinol  is derived from vitamin A. It is the best known artificial fighter of wrinkles anywhere on the skin. If you use vitamin A or retinol on the under eye area  just make sure that you are using a derivation that is made especially for under the eyes. Retinol is a rather harsh ingredient  and it can be damaging and drying to sensitive skin. This is why you must make sure to use only a small amount to take care of your wrinkles  and you must always use a sunscreen when you go outdoors with this cream on.

Using Makeup for Under Eye Wrinkles

As you are working with the under eye natural remedies and creams  you might want to have something to cover up these wrinkly areas during the day and when you go out at night. To achieve this  use an under eye concealer. These are special concealers made for the delicate skin under the eyes  and they can be purchased at your local drugstore or online.

You will want to purchase one of these concealers in a shade lighter than your natural skin color to brighten and smooth out the area. Be gentle when you apply this concealer  and never pull or tug on your skin. Simply pat it in with your ring finger. Next  cover the concealer with a bit of foundation using a foundation sponge. Set with powder.

The Most Natural Remedy for Wrinkles Under Eyes: Getting More Sleep

As you read  under eye circles may be caused by lack of sleep. This is a problem for many people  so if it is a problem for you  you are not alone. Try to get more sleep on your own  and make a schedule for sleeping. Don’t stay up too late  and try to be consistent about when you wake in the morning. If the sleeping problem persists  talk to your doctor.

Under eye wrinkles affect many people  so it’s nothing to be ashamed of  but you are sure to want to get rid of them. Try the different remedies found in this article to do away with these wrinkles. Just be sure to be gentle with your under eye skin as it is delicate.

Overall,  I hope you enjoyed this article,  and as always,  I look forward to hearing your thoughts below.