How to Cover a Bald Spot


Are you experiencing thinning hair on your head, or do you feel that baldness is becoming a problem for you? You are not alone because millions of Americans and people around the world have issues with hair loss. Both men and women can have this problem, and it can be truly upsetting emotionally for many.


There are multiple things that could be contributing to your hair loss. For some people and especially men, hair loss is often a hereditary issue. Balding that creates “bays” on either side of the forehead is a sign of hereditary baldness, and it is nothing to be worried about.

Other Causes of Hair Loss

Other things like severe stress or anxiety or certain medications may be causing hair loss as well in either men or women. But you should also keep in mind that in some rare cases, a medical issue could be creating your loss of hair, so if you suspect something like this talk, make sure you talk to your doctor.


And while you are waiting to speak with a medical professional about the possible causes of your hair loss, there are things you can do to hide balding spots on the head. That is what this article is about. Read on to learn more on this topic.

How to Hide Bald Spots for Men

The ways that people choose to hide their bald spots will differ for men and women, so let’s talk about men first. Here are the best ways that you can hide your bald spots if you are a man.

    • 1. Completely shave your headThis is a great way to hide balding spots because it makes you look like you simply want to have no hair on your head anyway. In fact, completely shaved heads are quite popular now for men too, so this is something many balding men do.
    • 2. Simply keep a shorter hair lengthIf you prefer not to completely shave your head, you may also choose to simply keep a shorter length for your hair overall. This often makes more sense than having long hair because it doesn’t create as drastic of a difference between bald spots that have no hair and areas that have very long and lush hair on the head.
    • 3. Grow out the hair on your faceIf you do choose to shave your entire head or shorten the overall length of your hair, you might want to balance things out by been going out your facial hair. You might choose to get a mustache, a beard or both, and there are many different styles to choose from that are very popular right now.
    • 4. Use a pigmented lotion or powderThere are some pigmented lotions and powders on the market that can be used to actually blend bald spots in with the color of your hair. Keep in mind that you need to know how to use these lotions and powders correctly so that people cannot tell they’re being used.
    • 5. Try using a hair pieceFinally, there are different types of hairpieces available on the market if you have a bald spot on the very top of your head that you want cover-up.

How to Hide Bald Spots for Women

Naturally, the options for covering up bald spots on women’s heads will be different. Here are some options that women can try to make hair look fuller and thicker.

      • 1. Get your hair professionally styledWomen are more apt to have their hair professionally styled, so this action makes the most sense in many cases. Professional stylists can manipulate your hair style and give you layers so that bald spots are covered and unable to be seen.
      • 2. Switch to a brush with boar bristles
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        As a rule, boar bristle brushes are gentler on hair then other types of brushes, so switching to this type of brush may help you lose less hair.

      • 3. Change your hair colorFor some women who have dark hair, bald spots are very easy to spot even from far away. In this case, switching to it lighter hair color may be beneficial for hiding bald spots. If you don’t want to go from dark brown or black to completely blonde, you can always try highlights.
      • 4. Accessorize with turbans or scarves
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        Accessories are always fun to play around with, and they make great concealers for bald spots on the head. Turbans are very hot right now as a fashion trend, or you can try a simple scarf to hide areas that don’t have much hair.

      • 5. Use a hair piece or a wigLastly, just as men can purchase and wear hair pieces, women can do the same. More likely for women than men, wigs are an option as well. Actually, wigs can be a lot of fun because you can choose all different hairstyles and hair colors for different days of the week.

Hiding Bald Spots for Both Men and Women

Their are also some options that both men and women can try

      • 1. Try volumizing your hairAdding volume to your hair is a great way to cover up bald spots as well, and both men and women can try this. Simply using volumizing mousse for hairspray when you are styling your hair.
      • 2. Wear a hatWearing a hat is a classic way of covering up your head whether you want to cover up a bad hair day or some bald patches before you seek treatment.

Talk to Your Doctor About Other Options

Finally, if you feel that you may be experiencing the medical issue that could be causing your hair loss, always talk to your doctor about those possibilities. But you can also talk to your doctor about the possibilities of using drugs or other treatments to go back your hair. There are many hair wands, helmets and drugs that may help you regrow your hair. The options listed above are there for you to help you hide bald spots in between now and when you are able to get these treatments.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this article.  As always, feel free to ask any questions or give your input as you see fit.