How to Cover up Dark Circles Under Eyes With Foundation


Dark circles that form under the eyes can be caused by many different factors. No matter what the reason is  however  one thing is for certain: dark circles under the eyes are not attractive  and most people want to cover them up and get rid of them for good.


Fortunately  this article will go over the best ways to cover up those dark circles under your eyes with foundation and other makeup products. Use this article to brighten your face and make yourself feel more awake and beautiful.

Why Do Dark Circles Appear Under the Eyes in the First Place?

As stated  there are many reasons why you might develop dark circles under your eyes. First  lack of sleep can cause dark circles to form. Many people who are chronically tired all of the time get these dark and bruised colored circles beneath their eyes.


Other people may develop dark circles and baggy sacks under their eyes because they consume too much salt. The sodium content can make your skin swell and puff up. Have you ever noticed how your eyes puff up when you cry? This is because there is salt in your tears and it causes the skin under your eyes to get puffy.

Finally  those individuals who are quite thin will have more problems with dark circles under their eyes than people who have a little more weight on them.

What Type of Makeup Should I Use on Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

Whatever the reason for your dark circles  there is makeup that can help you with this problematic part of your skin. All of the make up products that we will discuss can be found at your local drugstore  online or at a makeup counter at a department store.

The types of makeup that we will be discussing are primer  concealer  foundation and powder. These are basic types of makeup that most professional makeup artists and lay people use on a daily basis

How to Apply a Good Primer Base for Dark Under Eye Circle Makeup

You will need a base of primer to start with. Primer is a liquid  foam or gel makeup substance that is used to put an even and uniform base on your skin before you put on the makeup. It will help your under eye makeup to last all day long. Make sure not to skip this step.

First  make sure you are working with clean skin that has been lightly moisturized. There should be no leftover makeup on your skin  however. Use your ring finger to lightly tap in the primer under your eyes.

How to Actually Cover the Dark Under Eye Circles With Concealer

Concealer is a thick  paste-like makeup substance that will go on next. Concealer does the actual job of covering up the dark circles  so it is very important. You must find a concealer in a shade that is just barely lighter than your own skin color. This is because you want to lighten and brighten the dark area under your eyes. This is a key step.

Make sure that your primer has had a few minutes to dry  then  again  use your ring finger to gently tap the concealer into the skin under your eyes. You should apply this concealer all the way across the bottom of your bottom lashes from the outside corner of your eye to the inner corner. Take the concealer all the way down the side of your nose and create a triangle shape by connecting the bottom of your nose area to the outer corner of your eye. Fill in the shape with concealer  and blend it.

How to Apply the Foundation to Blend the Dark Under Eye Circle Makeup

Now you are ready to apply the foundation. Use a liquid foundation with a makeup sponge for the best effect. Make sure that your foundation exactly matches your skin tone. Doing your makeup in natural light will help with this.

Using your makeup sponge  cover the entire area of concealer that is under your eyes  and blend the edges into the rest of your skin.

How to Set Dark Under Eye Circle Makeup

The last step is the easiest. You will need a setting powder. These are translucent powders that do not add any color to your skin. Instead  the powder just sets the makeup that you have applied into place. Lightly dust on the setting powder with a large brush.

Could Sleep Be a Cure to Dark Under Eye Circles?

Finally  remember that dark circles under the eyes are often caused by lack of sleep. This means that if you can somehow get more sleep into your schedule  those dark circles might go away.

For some people  falling asleep each night and staying asleep throughout the night is difficult. If you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep  it’s a good idea to go and see your doctor. He or she will be able to help you find a solution to your sleep problems. Some people have sleeping disorders  but other people stay awake because they’re chronically stressed or anxious.

For people who have chronic stress and anxiety  the answer to more sleep might not be in a sleeping pill. It could be in seeking counseling or finding other ways to reduce stress and anxiety. For some people  therapy works. For other people  yoga or meditation might work.

Practice Using Makeup for Dark Under Eye Circles at Home

If you have dark circles under your eyes  use this article to fix your problem once and for all. You can purchase the products mentioned and practice with them at home. Make sure to use a bright  natural light whenever you apply makeup.

You do not want to live your whole life walking around with those unsightly dark circles under your eyes. Find a way to get more sleep into your schedule  and use these makeup techniques to cover up the dark circles under your eyes on a daily basis.

As always,  I’d love to hear your thoughts,  comments,  or questions below.