How to Exfoliate Face Naturally


Exfoliation of the facial skin helps to slough off dead skin cells and reveal the younger looking,  bright,  new skin underneath.  Without exfoliation,  your skin will look dull,  dowdy and patchy with flaky areas.  You should plan on exfoliating your skin once per week.  If you notice that your skin gets too dry after exfoliating once per week,  switch to once every two weeks,  but never exfoliate every day as this will aggravate your skin and could cause excess flakiness, drying or acne.


Prepare your materials

Before getting started,  you will need to gather the appropriate items.  First, get a hair clip and headband to hold your hair back and away from your face.  Also find an exfoliating scrub with tiny micro beads.  Make sure the base of the product is moisturizing and won’t dry out skin.  The product should also be noncomedogenic.  You should also have a clean towel with you.

how to exfoliate face


Wet face

Wash and dry your hands.  Make sure that your facial skin is clean of dirt,  oil,  makeup and other products.  Standing in front of the bathroom sink,  get the tap water to a lukewarm temperature,  and splash some on your face.

A little goes a long way

Remember that a little bit of your exfoliating product will actually go a long way.  To exfoliate your face,  use only a dime-sized amount of the product.  The water you initially splashed on will help to wetten the product and spread it around your face.

Use fingertips to gently cleanse

Using your fingertips,  make small,  circular motions with the product and light pressure to slough off the top layers of dead skin cells.  Remember not to push too hard or focus for too long on one area as this can rub off too many layers of skin and leave skin feeling and looking red and raw.  Continue doing this for one to two minutes.  Focus on one are for about ten seconds,  then move on to the next area.  Work from the top of your forehead down to your chin.

Finish up

To finish exfoliating,  first rinse your fingertips off,  then splash water on your face to remove the excess exfoliating product.  Rinse once or twice again,  and pat dry with a clean towel.

Remember that after you exfoliate,  your skin may be ultra sensitive,  so wear sunscreen when you go outside that day and the next day.  Do this routine once per week and notice brighter,  younger looking skin right away.

how to exfoliate face naturally