How to Exfoliate Your Lips at Home


When the cold months of the year arrive,  the air becomes dry,  and our skin and lips can get dry as well.  When lips get chapped,  they can become scaly,  peel,  and they can even split painfully open.  The key is to keep them hydrated and to exfoliate regularly.  Here’s how you can make your own exfoliating scrub at home.


Assemble your ingredients

For this exfoliation scrub,  you will need one tablespoon of white or brown sugar,  a teaspoon of raw honey or a teaspoon of coconut or olive oil,  a small dish,  a drop of vanilla (for a pleasant aroma and taste) and a small container to keep the scrub in.

use brown sugar for exfoliate lips


Mix the honey or oil and sugar

The first step will be to mix your brown or white sugar and your honey,  coconut oil or olive oil in a small dish.  If you notice that the exfoliation scrub is too dry and the honey or oil is not mixing in,  simply add a bit more honey or oil.

Add the vanilla

Once you have your oil or honey mixed well with your brown or white sugar,  add in a drop of vanilla.

Remove any chap stick or lipstick from your lips

Before applying the exfoliation scrub,  you need to make sure you are working with clean and dry lips.  After removing the chapstick or lipstick,  pat your lips dry with a clean towel.

Apply the exfoliation scrub and rub in vigorously

It is now time to apply the exfoliation scrub.  Simply use your fingertips to apply approximately a teaspoon of the scrub to your lips.  Do not scrub too hard,  especially if your lips are really peeling and tender.  You don’t want to make matters worse.

Apply the exfoliation scrub on your lips

If you happen to ingest any of the scrub,  don’t worry because all of the ingredients are edible and won’t harm you.  Allow the scrub to stay on your lips for one minute.


Once the exfoliation scrub has been sitting on your lips for approximately one minute,  rinse off with cool water.  Pat your lips dry with a clean towel.

Remember,  over-exfoliation can be just as damaging as avoiding exfoliation altogether.  When you experience peeling or chapped lips,  simply start using this scrub on your lips once per week.

If you notice your lips are getting softer,  switch to exfoliating once every two weeks.  You are sure to notice a difference in the smoothness and softness of your lips in no time!