How to Get Bigger Legs


A lot of individuals want to know how they can get bigger legs. Muscular, toned legs will make you look more attractive all around. They are healthier and make you feel strong! For some people, it’s hard to know how to make legs bigger without simply gaining more weight. When you want bigger legs, you want them nicely toned not dimpled and full of cellulite.


Fortunately, there are things you can do to quickly and easily form bigger legs that will make you look very attractive! Let’s look into how you can have toned and stunning legs that are just the size you want them. There’s more below!

1. Start by Creating the Perfect Leg-Based Exercise Regimen

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Exercise will be your best friend while you are trying to make your legs look bigger. It’s important to exercise at least once a day for at least 5 days a week. You should really exercise 6 days a week if you can. This will help to keep your exercise regimen consistent. The following are some tips for getting your leg-based exercise regimen started and keeping it going from great legs!

  • The first thing you should do is find a place to workout. You might choose to work out at home, or you might choose to work out at a gym. In addition, you can work out outside in your own yard or around town on trails and tracks or you can work out with a club team. Decide on a location and you’re halfway there already.
  • Now, you’ll need to decide when you’ll be working out. Try to keep it consistent. For example, try to always exercise in the morning if that’s the only time you have available. You could exercise at your lunch break or in the evening. Do what works best for you, but keep it consistent.
  • Next, find someone to workout with if you like. This will help you a lot in staying on track. A workout buddy will be able to hold you accountable for your workouts because when you don’t want to workout, they will help you to stay on track. In addition, when you don’t want to work out, you will help them stay on track.
  • There will be two parts to your exercise regimen. The first part will be cardiovascular exercise. You should aim to get at least 30 minute of cardio exercise into your day of working out. You will also want to get strength training into your regimen.
  • You can do cardio exercise via a sport like soccer or basketball, or you can run or workout alone or with a partner. For example, you can do the treadmill or an elliptical machine. The goal of your cardio workout should be to get out of breath and get your heart beating. This will burn calories, but also the exercises that you do via cardio will help to build muscles with your legs because you really can’t do cardio exercise without using your legs a lot.
  • The second part of your exercise regimen should be to strength train your legs. You’ll need to work on your legs with some strength training machines and with free weights. You can also use your body weight to strength train your legs. You’ll have to stay consistent, but you can work your hamstrings and calves on two days per week and your quadriceps on the other two days.
  • Start with lunges. Lunges help you to strength train your Gluteus Maximus as well as your quadriceps. Start in a position with about 18 inches between your feet, then lunge forward with one leg and lower your body so that your opposite knee almost touches the ground. This is one lunge, and you can then do one on the opposite side.
  • Squats will help to strengthen your quadriceps. You can perform a squat by separating your legs approximately 24 inches apart and then lowering your bottom to the ground with your hands in front of you. You should make sure to keep your shins at a 90 degree angle to to the floor.

2. Change the Way You Eat to Add Healthy Muscle Instead of Fat

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To help get bigger legs, you’ll want to eat healthier foods and avoid foods that will just give you more fat on your legs. To help you with this, try to keep a food diary of everything you eat each day. Also follow these guidelines.

  • The main goal of your new exercise regimen should be to eat more protein. You can eat more protein by having more eggs and other lean meats. Try chicken, turkey and fish. Great fishes for your diet will be salmon, white fish and shrimp.
  • Next, try to eat more fruits and vegetables. Lean proteins will help you build more muscle, but vegetables and fruits will help you to stay healthy and lose unwanted fat. To replace your fat with muscle, veggies and fruits will help.

3. Take Care of Your Legs to Help Show Them Off

Once you have created the perfect exercise and eating regimens for your legs, you are ready to get started knowing how to take care of your legs so that you can show them off to the world! After all, what good are amazing legs when they’re hidden?

  • First, make sure you are moisturizing. This is true whether you are a man or a woman, although many men may think they do not need to moisturize.
  • Women will also want to shave their legs at lest once every other day. It’s important to use a relatively new razor and a quality shaving cream or lotion. Be kind with your legs, and make sure that you don’t cut yourself. Again, apply lotion when you’re finished.
  • Finally, make sure that you are continuing with your exercise routine as this will keep your legs healthy and your circulation flowing well.

The tips and tricks in this article will help you get through what it takes to grow strong, muscular legs—those that are bigger than you have now. The great thing about growing the size of your legs is that you get to choose how big you want them. Using this advice will get you far, so good luck with your leg improvements!

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