How to Get Rid of Acne Overnight Naturally at Home


You’ve had that awful realization: you wake up,  and there in the mirror are new pimples just waiting to ruin your day.  Acne is an annoying skin disorder that can cause self-consciousness and lack of confidence.  But did you know you can get rid of it overnight?  Follow these easy steps.



Wash your hands,  then splash your face with lukewarm water.  Using a gentle cleanser (without micro beads) and your fingertips,  gently massage your wet skin for 15 seconds.  Rinse with cool water to close pores,  then pat dry (never rub the towel on the skin as this aggravates acne).

how to get rid of acne overnight at home


Apply Treatment

Allow your face to be completely dry,  then apply an acne treatment.  The best products have benzoyl peroxide in them,  which dries out pimples and acne.  Remember that this product can bleach clothing and other materials,  so wear white pajamas,  and use white towels and sheets.  Another, less harsh ingredient option for lighter acne is salicylic acid.  Avoid the delicate eye area with these products.


When the product dries,  apply a light moisturizer with your fingertips.  This will help to lock in the active ingredients in the acne treatment and moisturize the skin to prevent it from drying out.  Allow the moisturizer to dry.

In general,  you should always remember to wash your face with a gentle cleanser twice per day.  Do not touch your face throughout the day.  Always moisturize after an acne treatment because these products can be very drying.

how to get rid of acne fast

If you use an acne treatment in the morning,  use a moisturizer with an SPF in it because the sun can make acne worse.  Make sure that all cleansers,  moisturizers and makeup products you use on your face are noncomedogenic so they won’t clog your pores.  Follow this advice,  and you will have clear,  smooth skin every day.