How to Get Rid of Arm Hair Permanently at Home


Arm hair is unsightly and annoying for many women.  It’s fun to wear clothing with exposed forearms and upper arms,  but when you have a lot of arm hair,  even wearing a short-sleeved shirt can be embarrassing.


Fortunately,  there are ways you can get rid of arm hair once and for all!


Waxing is probably the most popular option for body hair removal for women.  It can be slightly painful,  but most women get used to it,  and it is a highly effect method of getting rid of unwanted hair.


1. Purchase a waxing kit

Waxing kits can be found at many beauty supply stores or online.  Purchase one with natural ingredients.  The wax will come from bees and shouldn’t irritate your skin.

2. Heat the wax

Start by heating your wax.  The process for heating will depend on what type of wax you use.

Sometimes,  all you need to do is plug your waxing unit into the wall.  Other times,  you’ll heat wax up in the microwave.

3. Apply and remove

You’re now ready to apply the wax.  When it’s the right temperature,  use an applicator to apply the wax on your arm.

Pat down and wait about 10 seconds,  before holding the skin taut and quickly pulling off the hardened wax.

epilator for women

Use an Epilator

An epilator is a device that mechanically takes hold of your body hairs and pulls them out.  Think of an epilator like a mechanical pair of tweezers—only there are several sets of tweezing arms on an epilator.

1. Purchase your epilator

These devices can be purchased online or in some department and beauty stores.  There are many different models,  but you don’t need one of the bigger ones because you’ll be using this only on your arms.

2. Wash and dry your arms

Before removing the hair,  make sure to wash your arms with a gentle and mild soap and warm water.  Pat completely dry before moving on.

3. Use the epilator

Keep in mind this process might not be too comfortable,  but you can do it! Follow the instructions you received with your epilator to remove your arm hair.

Finally,  the only other option for getting rid of arm hair permanently is to go see a professional dermatologist.  They will be able to perform laser hair removal processes to get rid of the hairs so they never grow back.

The only trouble is that this can be painful and expensive.  Stick with the options above for the best results.