How to Get Rid of Armpit Odor Permanently


Body odor is a fact of life,  and it is nothing to be ashamed of in any way.  If everyone stopped showering,  we would all have body odor all the time.


If you suffer from extreme body odor or if your own body odor just annoys you and makes you feel self conscious,  then this article is for you.  Here,  we will go over everything that has to do with body odor,  from why we have it in the first place to what you can do to get rid of it once and for all.  Read on to learn more.



Why Do I Have Bad Body Odor?

The truth of the matter is that some people simply have more body odor than others.  Body odor is usually caused by heavy perspiration,  so this may occur when you exercise for a long period of time,  when your body gets extremely overheated or when you are anxious or nervous.  These are all times that you may be found sweating.

Humans sweat in the first place as a cooling mechanism.  You may have noticed your family dog panting and releasing a lot of saliva when it gets hot outside or after it has been running for a long time.

That is the way that dogs cool down:  through their mouths.  Humans sweat to cool down,  and we do through through the sweat glands in our skin.  We have the most sweat glands in our armpits.

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What To Do When Your Armpits Smell?

If you tend to sweat a lot under your arms or if you are particularly self conscious about underarm sweating,  there are some things you can do to keep it under control.

First of all,  make sure you are wearing a heavy duty antiperspirant with aluminum.  The aluminum is what keeps you from sweating too much in the first place,  and the deodorant is what masks the armpit smell with a better-smelling scent.  For women,  this may be flowers or fruity smells,  and for men,  this tends to be musk for citrus scents.

How To Treat Bad Underarm Odor

If you have seriously bad underarm odor,  there are some other things you might want to do in addition to simply wearing deodorant or antiperspirant when you exercise.  First of all,  make sure you wear your antiperspirant all the time.  Wear it to work,  to school,  on dates and even when you sleep.  This will cut down on underarm odor.

In addition,  try to change your clothes often.  If you know that you will be giving a big presentation one day,  for example,  bring a shirt to change into right before you present.  Then,  have another to change into right after so you don’t smell then either.

You might also consider buying some underarm pads.  These can be purchased online or in some pharmacies or clothing stores.  They are literally pads made out of thin and comfortable paper or cotton that hook or temporarily glue to the underarms of your shirts.

When you sweat,  the pads pick up the moisture so that it does not leak into your shirt and become very noticeable.  The pads also help to mask the bad underarm odor.

Home Remedies For Body Odor Armpits

If you prefer to use home remedies to remove body odor from your armpits,  you might try rubbing vinegar or rubbing alcohol under the arms at even intervals throughout the day.  These natural ingredients inhibit the production of sweat.

To remove sweat that is already there,  try baking soda on the underarm area.  Dust it lightly there when you are feeling really sweaty,  and the baking soda will soak up the moisture.

Armpit Odor Removal

If your armpit odor is so bad that none of the solutions above work for you,  you might want to consider underarm sweat gland removal surgery.  This surgery must be carried out by a certified surgeon.  During the surgery, you will actually have your sweat glands removed so that you do do not sweat and do not smell as much as a result.

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How To Avoid Bad Smell From Underarms

There are many ways to avoid bad smells from your underarms.  You can use an antiperspirant,  bring changes of clothing with you all the time,  use underarm pads and use a sweat towel during sports or exercise.  You can also get underarm sweat gland removal surgery if things get really bad.

But remember that if your underarm odors are coming from sweating too much due to anxiety,  the solution to your underarm smell problem may lie simply in reducing that anxiety.

You need to learn how to remain calm in even the most stressful of situations.  You can do this by using mindful breathing,  meditating when things get really stressful and visiting a counselor or therapist at least once per week to discuss your problems.

Finally,  don’t forget to bathe daily and wear clothing that is not too tight.  You might also consider losing weight to cut down on sweat from exhaustion.

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Deodorant For Body Odor

Using a deodorant or an antiperspirant everyday and especially when you are exercising is the first line of defense against bad smells from your body.  You can find a number of amazing deodorants right at your local pharmacy or online.

If you have a more serious body odor problem,  make sure to look for those deodorants that are labeled as “clinical” or ask your doctor to prescribe you with a prescription deodorant that will do wonders against your body odors.  You should also consider getting a strong cologne or body spray to use.

Medicine For Body Odor

There are certain medications that actually cause you to sweat more,  so if you are taking these,  consider stopping.  Finally,  if nothing else works,  Botox injections can actually cut down on sweating from the armpits.  Talk to your doctor if you think this might be an option for you.

Remember that sweating and body odor are natural parts of life.  Don’t be embarrassed about these problems,  but don’t ignore them either.  Use the information found here to stop embarrassing body odor once and for all.