How to Get Rid of Bags under Eyes Fast


Thousands of people suffer from puffy or swollen eyes,  and it can really interfere with the appearance we want to represent to others.  One of the problems with finding a solution to the problem is that the cause can be difficult to identify,  and bags under the eyes are not always a result of a lack of sleep or too much partying.


Identifying the Problem

Identifying the Problem

The trouble with Bags under the eyes is that the source of the problem can be hard to identify,  although paying a visit to a physician could reveal a few answers.  In the meantime, following is a shortlist of suggestions for how to get rid of bags under eyes fast


Home Methods

Although people who experience puffy eyes want to get rid of the problem as quickly as possible,  sometimes it might take trying a few different methods before finding a solution that works for you.  Following is a list of home remedies to help treat the problem as quickly as possible.

Treating the Eyes with Herbal and Caffeinated Tea Bags

It is a fact that caffeinated tea reduces swelling by constricting blood vessels and herbal teas contain anti-irritants that soothe redness and inflammation. 
To bring immediate relief for bags under the eyes,  steep tea in hot water for three minutes,  then let it cool until comfortably warm.

Lie down on your back and place a warm tea-bag over each eye and cover with a soft cloth.  This will provide are freshing experience.  Stay in this position for 30 minutes or so,  then remove the cloth and teabags and rinse.

how to get rid of bags under eyes quickly at home



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