How to Get Rid of Chest Acne Overnight


As if acne on the face isn’t annoying enough,  try acne on the chest.  The truth is,  acne can strike anywhere,  but it matters where it’s located.  Treating acne on the face is somewhat different than treating it on the chest or back.  If you suffer from acne on the chest,  here’s how you can treat it.


Make a salt soak

Add one liter of lukewarm water to a cup of epsom salt.  Use your cleaned out bathroom sink or a big bowl to mix it.

a cup of epsom salt


Soak the area

Standing over a towel on the floor or in the shower,  use a washcloth that has been soaked in the salt solution to soak the chest area.  Let the area dry for approximately two to three minutes.

Reapply the salt soak

After the area has dried,  you will see a white salt residue.  Repeat step 2 and drench the area in salt again.  What you are doing is drying out the area so that stubborn acne doesn’t have the oil it needs to come back.

Allow to dry and reapply

Allow the second layer of salt and water to dry,  and repeat the procedure four to five times.  Attempt to use up all of the salt water.  After the last layer has dried,  rinse with warm water.


With a non-comedogenic and non-oily moisturizer,  moisturize the area

Use an astringent at night and in the morning

Again,  the oil from your skin that is produced by your pores will cause your chest to break out.  If you want to get rid of chest acne,  you need to use products that will dry out the skin.  An astringent works great for this.  Use an astringent in the morning and at night before you go to bed.  Witch hazel is an effective astringent.

If you’re still having trouble with blemishes on your chest,  you can pick up an over-the-counter acne medication that is normally used for your face.  This will also work on your chest,  back or other areas of your body.

Salicylic acid is a mild ingredient used to get rid of acne.  Benzoyl peroxide also works and is even more effective.  Keep in mind that these are very drying products,  so you always need to moisturize.  In addition,  benzoyl peroxide may bleach clothing,  so always allow it to dry before putting on clothes,  and use only white clothes.  The steps above should get rid of your chest acne.