How to Get Rid of Dandruff Fast and Permanently


Dandruff can be helped by having a good hair care regime.  It’s a good idea to wash and condition your hair with anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner once every other day.


Try not to put too much hair car product in your hair too.

Unfortunately,  some people will have a healthy hair care routine,  but they will still have struggles with dandruff.


If this is you,  you do still have some options for taking care of your dandruff.  They are all natural and easily available.

coconut oil dandruff remedy

Coconut Oil

You need to eliminate anti-fungal properties to help eliminate dandruff.  Coconut oil has these anti-fungal properties,  and it moisturizes the scalp as well.  Finally,  coconut oil gives excellent itch relief.

1. Prepare your coconut oil

You’ll need some lemons and coconut oil.  The coconut oil will be solid at room temperature.

When you mix it and heat it up,  it will become more liquid.  Add the juice from half a lemon to this oil.

2. Massage the oil into your scalp

Massage your mixture into your scalp and individual hairs.  Be sure to cover all of your scalp,  and cover each and every follicle.

3. Rinse and wash your hair

Your last step is to rinse the coconut oil and lemon juice from your hair.  Use warm water.

There is no need to wash or condition your hair after this step.  You will notice immediate results with this mask.

apple cider vinegar dandruff cure

Apple Cider Vinegar

Getting rid of dandruff can be as easy as using a little bit of apple cider vinegar.  The excellent pH balance in apple cider vinegar helps to restore the pH balance in the scalp.  This inhibits yeast growth,  which will prevent dandruff.

1. Get your vinegar ready

Put 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into a bowl with a few drops of tea tree oil.  The tea tree oil will add moisture,  essential oils and a pleasant smell to mask the smell of the vinegar.

2. Massage into your scalp

Massage the vinegar and tea tree oil into your scalp.  Use small circular motions with your fingertips.

3. Rinse the vinegar

Lastly,  rinse the mixture from your hair with warm water in the shower.  You’ll want to follow this routine anytime you experience dandruff.

Remember,  these anti-dandruff solutions are made to work fast.  You should start seeing results the first day you use them.

They are also permanent fixes,  so you’ll be dandruff free for life with these excellent remedies!