How to Get Rid of Dry Skin on Face Fast


Dry skin can be caused by many factors.  You can get rid of dry skin practically overnight,  however,  by following these easy steps.


Develop a “Dry Skin” Routine

No matter what your current skin care routine is,  you should switch to a more basic one that involves less water and more moisturizers when your skin becomes really dry.  This may be your go-to skin regimen throughout the entire winter if you live in an area that is cold and dry during this part of the year.

Choose a Cream Based Facial Cleanser

For your new dry skin routine,  choose a facial cleanser that is cream based.  It will still clean your skin,  but instead of being a gel or foam,  it will have a moisturizing cream base.


This product should still be non comedogenic,  however,  so that it does not clog pores.  Often, people who have dry skin try to overcompensate with oily products,  and that’s a no-no.  It could cause acne flare ups.

Change the Way You Wash Your Face

Never use a facial brush or washcloth when washing your face,  and if you have skin,  never use any products that have exfoliating micro beads in them.  These are unnecessary for you.

Simply splash your face with lukewarm water,  lightly and gently rub in the cream based,  moisturizing facial wash,  rinse again with cold water to close pores,  and pat dry once or twice.

Choose a Cream Based Makeup Remover

The same rule you used for your facial cleanser applies to your eye makeup remover if you wear eye makeup.  Use a cotton ball or circle pad,  and dab a bit of a cream based eye makeup remover.  With two or three gentle swipes over each of your eyes,  your makeup should be gone.  Don’t rub your eyes.

Moisturize With Jojoba Oil

After you have washed your face and removed your makeup,  you should moisturize.  Choose a non comedogenic moisturizer,  and when your face is seriously dry,  put two or three drops of jojoba oil into a small amount of the moisturizer in your palm.

Mix together,  and apply that way.  You should do your entire routine (cleanse,  remove makeup and moisturize) once each night,  and you should cleanse and moisturize every morning.

Use the tips above to help alleviate dry skin on your face fast.  Make sure to follow all of the directions,  and if any of the products start irritating your skin,  stop use of them immediately.