How to Get Rid of Greasy Hair Fast


Greasy hair is a problem for many people.  The problem occurs when the hair follicles on the head become too clogged with sebum (your body’s natural oils),  and the roots of your hair get weight down.


This can create a stringy look,  which is not attractive.

Fortunately,  there are several ways that you can combat greasy hair.  These are little tricks that can easily make your hair softer-looking and more luxurious.


Shampoo and Condition the Right Way

Many people shampoo and condition their hair with the wrong products,  and they also do it the wrong way.  If you know what you’re doing,  you can make your shampoo and conditioner work for you.

1. Purchase volumizing shampoo and conditioner

Make sure you are only buying volumizing shampoo and conditioner if you want your hair to look less greasy.

If you have a problem with grease,  moisturizing and anti-frizz products will weigh your hair down.

2. Or try a natural cleanse and condition

Alternatively,  you can try washing your hair with natural concoctions.  For example,  use baking soda mixed with apple cider vinegar for a shampoo.

This creates a great cleansing paste.  You can also use mayonnaise as a conditioning mask.

3. Only condition your ends

No matter what conditioner you use,  never condition your roots.  Just apply the store-bought conditioner or mayonnaise to your ends.

Use Baby Powder

Baby powders is used on babies to soak up moisture and make them smell good.  You can actually use baby powder on your hair for those same results.

Baby powder smells great and wicks away moisture,  oil and grease.

1. Find the right powder

You’ll only want to use baby powder for greasy hair if you have blonde hair because the powder is white.  Purchase a bottle that has a shaker on the top if you can.

2. Dash some powder on your roots

It’s important not to use too much powder on your roots,  or it will be noticeable.

Simply shake a few dashes on the greasy areas of your head,  then gently rub it in with your fingertips.

3. For brown or black hair, use dry shampoo

If you have darker hair,  you’ll need to use a store-bought dry shampoo.  These are tinted different colors so that the powder substance is not noticeable.

Try all of these tips and tricks on your greasy hair.  Be sure to follow the directions listed above carefully for the best possible results.