How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs In A Week


Men who have man boobs may feel self conscious and embarrassed about their chests.  Women are supposed to have boobs,  and not men.  Man boobs often occur because of overall excess weight.


They could also be caused by extra water weight and general water retention.  Fortunately,  there are ways to get rid of annoying man boobs,  and you don’t need a special diet pill or an expensive,  clunky piece of exercise equipment either.

Here are the top 3 ways to get rid of man boobs in only one week at home.


Start by revamping your diet.

You’ve got to focus on what you eat if you want to improve your chest.  The fat in your chest if you have man boobs is just that: fat.  You don’t have a hormonal imbalance or some weird disease.

It’s just fat.  Eat less and choose the right things when you do eat,  and you’ll lose that fat and your man boobs with it.

1. Stop eating processed white carbs,  fatty foods and sugary treats.  This means getting rid of cakes,  cookies,  candies,  pizza,  ice cream,  fried foods and most red meats.

2. Replace these foods with veggies,  fruits,  whole grain bread and rice,  beans,  nuts,  lean white meats and fish.

how to get rid of moobs

Weight lift

Strong and muscular men have pecks not boobs.  They have strong and firm chests not saggy,  squishy ones.  You can have strong and firm pecks too if you weight lift.  Weight lifting strengthens muscles.

1. Work on your pecks every other day 3 days per week.  Use your body weight in positions like plank,  and do bicep and tricep curls with free weights.

2. Make sure you also work your lower body every other day 3 days a week.  You have to balance out your muscles or your body will appear odd.  Use the last day of the week for rest.

cardio exercise for man breasts

Work the cardio exercise

While weight lifting will strengthen your muscles,  it will not get rid of the fat,  so even if you have tough muscles underneath,  you’ve got to shed away the fat to make those muscles noticeable.

To do that,  you have your diet (outlined above) and you have cardio exercise.

1. Do 30 minutes of cardio 6 times per week.  You can bike,  run,  jog,  swim,  do aerobics,  dance or play a group sport on an intramural team.

2. Word hard and sweat hard.  Putting half the effort forth in cardio won’t produce the results you need to burn that fat away.  Make sure you sweat!