How To Get Rid Of Muffin Top In 2 Weeks


No one wants to have a muffin top or any excess weight for that matter.  A lot of people who have excess weight on their body in the form of a muffin top might feel that they have no way of getting rid of this rather unsightly and uncomfortable part of the body.  But actually,  there are some ways that you can get rid of that muffin top in only 2 weeks.  Read more to learn how.


What Is a Muffin Top?

A muffin top is what is known commonly as excess weight around the lower part of the abdomen.  It is called a muffin top because the fat in this area of the body overflows over the tops of jeans and pants,  and it appears like the top of a muffin,  overflowing on the sides a bit from the bottom paper container that it’s in. No one wants to have a muffin top because it is not a very pretty thing to have.

Why Do Some People Get Muffin Tops?

People get muffin tops because they do not take care of their health.  Essentially,  a muffin top is extra fat on the body.  If you are someone who eats a lot of unhealthy foods,  you may get a muffin top.


A lot of whether you get a muffin top or not also has to do with what type of body you have.  Some people get muffin tops because they have apple shaped bodies.  This means that their mid sections tend to be bigger than their bottoms and chest.

Other people who have more pear shaped bodies (this happens when the chest and waste are small but the bottom is bigger) will probably not be as likely to have muffin tops.  It’s all about where fat goes on the body.  For people who have bodies where fat goes to the stomach.  Muffin tops are inevitable.

Get Rid of a Muffin Top By Counting Calories

The only real way to get rid of a muffin top is to lose weight over all.  You cannot spot reduce fat.  This means that you can’t pick a spot on your body and say you want to lose weight there,  and then lose the weight there by only doing exercises in that area of the body.  If you want to lose weight on one part of the body,  you must lose it all over.

You can do this by counting your calories.  Start by buying a small journal and always writing down what you eat.  Keep track of your caloric intake each day by referencing what you eat to a calorie book or online calorie database.

To lose weight,  women should eat no more than 1200 calories per day,  and men should eat no more than 1500 calories per day.  This will help you shed that fat and muffin tape within 2 weeks.  To get rid of a muffin top in 2 weeks if you have over 50 pounds to lose,  you will need to exercise more to create a bigger calorie deficit.

Get Rid of a Muffin Top With Exercise

Get Rid of a Muffin Top With Exercise

The bottom line is that you do not need exercise to lose a muffin top necessarily,  but it will definitely help the process go a lot faster.  In addition,  exercise will benefit you and your body in a myriad of other ways.

When you exercise, your brain releases endorphins that make you feel happier and better in general.  You can also release pent up energy when you exercise.  Sweating cleans your pores too.  Last but not least,  if you are looking for a leaner mid section,  strength training and core training can whittle you down so that it doesn’t even look like you ever had a muffin top in your life.

Pills for Getting Rid of a Muffin Top

Unfortunately,  there is no magic pill for weight loss.  If you want to lose weight,  you have to put in the work.  Of course,  many companies out there will try to convince you that you can indeed lose your muffin top with their fancy and expensive shake or their pills,  but you cannot.  There is no way to lose a muffin top by only taking a pill.

On the other hand,  healthy people will shed unnecessary weight faster than people who are not healthy.  And healthy people get their daily doses of nutrients and vitamins in.  Therefore,  it might be a good idea to start taking dietary supplements if you don’t already.

For example,  you can take a multivitamin every day to get most of your vitamins in.  You also might consider taking vitamins C, D and B.  Vitamin C protects your immunity,  vitamin D helps with bone loss and also improves mood,  and vitamin B helps you feel more energized.

Finally,  remember that muffin tops often occur because people wear pants and skirts that are too tight for their bodies.  This cuts off your waste in an unfortunate area,  and the fat spills over.  To help yourself look like you do not have a muffin top, you might consider buying bigger pants and skirts.

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