How to Get Rid of Neck Wrinkles Naturally


Many women have lovely skin on their bodies and even on their faces,  but the skin on their necks is saggy and worn.


Although wrinkling skin is a natural sign of aging,  some women who do not take proper care of their skin with natural remedies will likely experience worse skin damage (and wrinkly necks) than others.

Luckily for these women,  there is a way to turn back the hands of time.  With the aid of a few key,  completely natural ingredients,  you can get rid of neck wrinkles once and for all.  Just read and follow the directions below.


Pineapple for neck Wrinkles


Pineapple tastes great,  but it can also get rid of wrinkles! That acidic taste you get when you eat a slice of apple is actual an enzyme that helps to promote the elasticity of skin.

Look at the skin of a pineapple,  and you’ll see that the fibers are secure and strong.  These key enzymes are at work here.  They can work for the skin on your neck as well to tighten and strengthen it.

  1. Cut a pineapple so that you have a large chunk with a large,  flat surface.  Let it sit for five minutes on the counter so that the enzymes have a chance to oxidate and activate.
  2. Take your chunk of pineapple,  and rub it all over your neck.  Let it dry there for about ten to fifteen minutes.
  3. Wash off with lukewarm water and pat your skin dry.  Do this twice every day for a week to see great results.

Aloe Vera for neck wrinkles

Aloe Vera

Malic acid is a key ingredient of the aloe vera plant.  It helps to regenerate collagen in the skin of older individuals.

Once people reach their 30s and 40s,  they stop producing collegian,  which is why they get wrinkles.  Collagen is vital for the growth of supple,  soft,  new skin.

  1. Invest in an aloe vera plant,  or simply go to the store and buy some aloe vera gel in a tube.
  2. Rub the gel onto your skin and leave it there.  If you use the correct amount,  there’s no need to rinse any off.  It will sink into the skin.
  3. Apply the gel three times per day.

Remember,  neck wrinkles can appear for different reasons.  Aging is the biggest reason,  but the sun,  smoking and excess stress can also cause neck wrinkles.  Be aware of these factors,  and help to combat them with the ingredients and steps above.