How to Get Rid of Nose Hair Permanently


Nose hairs are those little hairs that sometimes peak out from your nostrils.  Men seem to have more trouble with them peaking a little too far out,  but women may experience frustration with nose hairs as well and want them out.


If you are looking for ways to keep nose hairs at bay and possibly get rid of them once and for all,  you have come to the right place.  In this article,  we will discuss how you can stop nose hairs from bothering you and causing you embarrassment.  But before we get into that,  let’s discuss the benefits of nose hair in the first place.

Benefits Of Nose Hair

There are several key benefits of having nose hair.  First of all,  a recent study proved that having more nose hair and coarser nose hair actually made people less likely to develop asthma within their lifetime.  In addition,  nose hairs are meant as a barrier for some unwanted pests and germs.


Although the air you breathe can still get in and out of your nose,  the hairs filter impurities in the air and keep dust and pollen out during allergy season.


Is It Dangerous To Pluck Nose Hairs?

It is rather dangerous to pluck nose hairs,  yes.  When you pluck hairs or pull them somehow from the root,  a little blood is lost there.  This is true of all of the area around your nose and mouth.  These bloodlines right to the rest of your body,  and when blood is lost there from plucking a hair or pulling it out somehow,  bacteria can get into the bloodstream extremely easily.  This could cause you to get a serious infection in your body and could lead to some very scary complications for your health.

Is It Safe To Wax Your Nose Hairs

Is It Safe To Wax Your Nose Hairs?

Waxing your nose hairs is nearly impossible if you are talking about waxing the inside of your nostrils.  Not only is it a nearly impossible feat to undertake because of mere physics (your nostrils are far too small to get your fingers into to pull off the wax),  but it would be very dangerous to put hot wax on that sensitive area of your face,  especially one that enters directly into your lungs and respiratory system.

With that said,  some people have nose hairs that have actually started to grow just outside of the nose.  Now,  you should not wax or pluck the hairs here either for the same reason that you shouldn’t pull hairs from the root inside your nose.  But you can deal with these hairs in other ways.

First,  women often end up bleaching these hairs with an over the counter facial hair bleaching cream.  These can be purchased at a drugstore or online.  You might also consider shaving if you are a man.  Women can shave too but sometimes,  they prefer not to because it can damage the skin.

Finally,  there are cream hair remover depilatories that can be used in this area.  Again,  never shave or use the bleach cream or cream hair remover depilatories inside the nostrils.

Laser Nose Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is possible on most parts of the body where hair grows.  People get laser hair removal on their legs,  arms and face.  But laser nose hair removal is not possible.  This is because there are mucous membranes on the inside walls of the nostrils where hairs grow.  These could be burned and severely damaged if they were touched by lasers.  Only the hairs that have started to grow right outside of the nostrils could be taken out by laser hair removal.

how to use electric nose hair trimmer

Electric Nose Hair Trimmer

If you are looking for ways to get rid of nose hairs once and for all,  an electric nose hair trimmer will be your best bet.  Why is this?  Waxing is not possible,  and plucking is downright dangerous,  so trimming is the only way to go.  A nose hair trimmer does not take hairs out by the root.  On the contrary,  it simply makes them shorter and therefor less noticeable.

In addition,  another great thing about nose hair trimmers is that they are not too sharp or dangerous to go inside your nose.  Some small scissors that people use have very sharp edges,  and even if you are extremely slow in your trimming and careful,  it is a very real possibility that you could cut yourself inside your nose.  This is something that could cause a very rapid and serious bacterial infection tat could spread easily to the rest of your body.  Nose hair trimmers are blunt and safe.

How To Use A Nose Hair Trimmer

Using a nose hair trimmer is simple.  First of all,  you can purchase them at any drugstore,  big box store or online.  Follow these easy instructions to use the device.

  1. Read the manual -You’ll want to start by checking the manual for setup instructions.  You might need to add batteries or charge the unit.
  2. Set up a well-lit area -To see which hairs you want to remove from the inside of your nose,  you need good lighting.  Set up a lighted mirror close to you.  Go to a private area like the bathroom.
  3. Clean the nose -Clean inside your nose with a warm,  wet washcloth and mild soap.  Dry the area well.
  4. Trim -Use your fingers to pull up your nose and make your nostrils bigger.  Go slowly with the trimmer and get all of the longest and most exposed hairs.  Brush out the cut hairs when you’re finished.

Everyone has nose hair.  It is nothing to be ashamed of.  Whether you are a man or woman,  there are many treatments you can use for hairs on your upper lip near the nostrils,  but you should only trim the hairs that grow inside the nose.  Never use another type of hair removal process like bleaching,  cream removal,  plucking or waxing as this could be seriously dangerous.

Nose hairs are nothing to laugh at,  but they should be taken care of if they bother you.  The good news is that you can look great and be conscientious of your body’s health at the same time.

If you have any comments or questions,  feel free to leave your thoughts below.  I look forward to the discussion.