How to Get Rid of Oily Face Naturally


Having oily skin is a problem for many individuals.  Often,  the oily skin is focused in the T-zone of the face.  This is mainly on the nose,  the chin and the forehead.  Why does oily skin occur?  It is the cause of excess sebum being produced by the skin.



Sebum is the skin’s natural moisturizer,  but because of some people’s genetics and certain predispositions to oily skin,  more sebum is produced than is needed to keep the skin hydrated.  This,  along with dirt from fingers,  the air and air follicles,  can cause pores to become clogged.  Not only is oily skin shiny and unbecoming,  but clogged pores leads to acne.


Fortunately,  there are ways to get rid of oily skin naturally and fast.  Check out these go-to steps

Stop Touching Your Face

Many people with oily skin on their face not only cause some of their oily skin in the first place,  but they worsen it by constantly touching and picking at their face. If they have a pimple,  they try to pick it out with their fingers or nails,  and this is a big no-no.

In addition,  some people simply touch their face out of boredom or convenience.  This must stop if you want to alleviate oily skin and clean up pimples and blackheads.

Don’t Over-Dry

Many people with oily skin try to dry out their skin with harsh chemicals.  This is not a good idea,  because the skin will react in kind and will produce even more sebum!

Instead of drying out skin too much,  simply use a natural astringent like witch hazel once a day.  You can Put a dab of witch hazel in a cotton ball,  and glide it over your T-zone right after cleansing.


After you cleanse and use an astringent,  always moisturize with a non comedogenic moisturizer.  You should never skip moisturizing even if you have oily skin.

Use Oil Blotting Sheets During the Day

Oil blotting sheets are small sheets made of natural materials that pick up oil off your face but don’t wipe away your makeup.  Keep a packet of these sheets in your purse or office desk,  and use them periodically throughout the day when you notice your face is getting shiny.

Using the steps above,  you will soon notice that you have less oily skin and that the oily areas that do want to come out are manageable.  These areas will recede with time if continue these steps.