How to Get Rid of Oily Skin Naturally


Oily skin is something that plagues many people.  While some have to deal with dry skin that flakes and is itchy and red,  oily skin can cause extreme facial shine and can add to acne or other problems with pimples,  whiteheads and blackheads.  Check out the following steps for getting rid of oily skin once and for all.


Use an astringent

Astringent is a liquid that helps to clean out pores.  You can use artificial astringents or natural ones like witch hazel.  Use a cotton round or a cotton ball with the astringent to clean the pores on your face after you have cleansed it.

Put blotting papers in your purse or pocket

Blotting papers are small papers that you can use to cut down oil on your face.  They work great for really hot days when you may be sweating in excess and have shiny skin.  Don’t worry about these papers taking off makeup either.  In a pinch, if you don’t have any blotting papers,  you can use a non-moisturizing tissue or some toilet paper.


how to get rid of oily skin naturally

Throw out all your products that contain pore-clogging oils

Some over the counter products for the skin like lotions,  primers,  foundations and concealers may contain oils that can aggravate your skin and clog your pores.  Avoid using these products,  and instead,  find those that are labeled as non-comedogenic.  These will do their job on your skin without clogging pores and creating excess oil on the skin.

how to get rid of oily skin naturally

For women: use a setting powder

Women with oily skin should not use oily concealers and foundations.  Instead, they should opt for powders that have a matte finish.  These products will help to reduce shine on the skin and create a clear surface.  Right before leaving the house,  as you are finishing your makeup,  put on a thin coat of a translucent setting powder.

This will lock in the moisture and now allow it to come to the surface of the skin and create shine.  If you can,  halfway through the day,  put another refresher coat of the translucent setting powder on,  or use the blot papers that you have with you.

Remember that lots of men and women have oily skin,  and they manage it by using the steps above.  Use the advice found here to deal with your oily skin,  and see a dermatologist if you feel the symptoms are severe.  You will see marked improvements in no time.