How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes Naturally


If you suffer from puffy and swollen eyes,  and you look as if you haven’t received a good night’s rest in weeks,  then you need to try the following remedies to help address the issue and get you looking fresh and vibrant again.


Following is a list of seven tips that will show you how to get rid of puffy eyes and minimize inflammation.


Slice a raw potato that’s been refrigerated for five minutes into two equal halves.  Lie on your back and place each potato half over each eye and rest in this position for 20 minutes.  The bags under your eye should diminish in size after this period of time.



Dip cotton balls in chilled whole milk and place them over your eyelids as you lie on your back.  Then rest in this position for 20 minutes and remove the cotton balls.  This will reduce water retention around your eyes.

Egg Whites

Place one or two egg whites in a bowl and whisk stiffly for 30 seconds and until they are thoroughly mixed.  Apply the egg-white mixture to the areas surrounding your eyes.  Place a thick layer under the eyes in troubled areas and let set for 20 to 25 minutes.

After the mixture has set for the 20 minute time period,  rinse with warm water.  This will tighten the areas under your eyes and help them appear less puffy.


Always drink as much water as possible throughout the day.  It may seem counter-productive,  but drinking water will reduce puffiness under the eyes.

The Spoon Method

Take two large spoons and place them in a glass of ice water.  Allow them to rest until they are fully chilled through,  and then hold one spoon over each eye.  You can use four spoons and rotate them as they warm.  Continue switching out the chilled spoons until you see a noticeable improvement.


Cucumbers are an excellent all-natural remedy for treating eye puffiness.  Place two slices of refrigerated cucumber and place one over each eye as you lie on your back.  Remain in this position for 25 to 30 minutes as the cucumbers do their work.  The anti-inflammatory properties of the cucumber will reduce puffy tissues under them eyes and refresh your mind as well.

how to get rid of bags under eyes

Medical attention

If your case is severe and you have tried methods to treat the puffiness and bags under your eyes such as the ones listed above,  then you should seek the advice of your physician or an experienced skin specialist such as a dermatologist.

They will be able to complete a comprehensive examination on your particular skin condition and make the appropriate recommendations.  There are a number of medical treatments they may recommend including prescription medication and even surgery.