How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps In The Bikini Area Fast


When you remove hair from your bikini line with a razor,  you are bound to get razor bumps.  Everyone gets get them from time to time.  Some people get them worse than others.


The bottom line is that these little bumps can be annoying and unsightly.  They can make you not want to go to the beach with a bikini or be seen by your partner when you’re just wearing underwear.  Furthermore,  bumps in the bikini area can be very painful!  And if you already have bumps in that area and you plan to continue to shave the following day and the day after that,  this can cause a cycle of pain and bleeding that is not good for you or your skin.  Infection can even become a problem for you.

Fortunately,  there are a few key things that you can do to get rid of those painful and ugly razor bumps fast and once and for all.  Read on to learn more,  and never have to deal with razor bumps again!


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How To Heal & Reduce Razor Bumps

First thing’s first:  if you have razor bumps,  you need to let them heal before doing anything about them.  Razor bumps appear different on different people,  but generally speaking,  they are small skin-colored,  pink or red bumps that show up right after you shave the area with a razor.  If you see these bumps,  resist the urge to shave again until you have let them heal.

Healing razor bumps will take time,  but you can definitely speed up the process by getting a topical ointment,  cream or oil that will heal each bump on the skin.  Look for products that have aloe in them.  Aloe is a natural plant that has healing properties.

Many people grow the thick and juicy aloe plant in their home so that they can cut and use the leaves’ gel when they have a cut,  bump or burn.  Use an aloe plant or store-bought aloe gel on the bikini zone when you have razor bumps.

You might also want to consider purchasing a product that has witch hazel,  salicylic acid or glycolic acid in it as these are also healing products that work great on razor bumps.  All of these products can be purchased online or at a drugstore.

Preventing Razor Bumps

The best thing to do to prevent razor bumps is to let the hair in your bikini zone grow out before shaving it off.  When you shave on that sensitive area of skin every day,  you run the risk of developing razor bumps that just won’t go away.  You need to give your skin time to heel.

The hairs that grow on this area of the body are thick and tough,  and when you run a sharp razor over them,  the hair follicles are big and can get clogged with dirt and oil.  This causes them to get bigger and red sometimes.  Those are razor bumps.

In addition,  there are a few sprays and oils that you can use on the bikini zone to prevent razor bumps from forming.  Look in the shaving section of the drugstore you go to to find one that suits your needs.  These are usually meant to be sprayed or rubbed on the area about 5 or 6 minutes prior to shaving.

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Tips For Shaving Your Bikini Area

You will want to always make sure that you are usually an extremely sharp razor when you shave this area of your body.  Of course,  you must make sure that you are careful with putting such a sharp utensil on your skin,  but if you use a dull razor,  the problem is that you will go over the area multiple times and this will irritate the large hair follicles.

Always use a new razor,  and only go over one area on your bikini zone one time.

Another good way to prevent razor bumps when you are shaving is to always use a shaving cream or thick shaving gel.  This will protect the skin as you run the razor over it.  Never shave on dry skin as this will cause very bad bumps.  The same will be true if you shave when you only have water on the area.  Just soap and water is also not good.  You need shaving cream or gel to do the job right.

How To Get A Smooth Bikini Area

If you really want a smooth bikini area all the time,  the best way to accomplish this is to wax the area.  Don’t shave because that only cuts the hairs off at their base.  Instead,  pull the hairs out by the roots by getting the area waxed.

There are two basic ways to wax the bikini area or any area on the body.  You can do it at home with an at home waxing kit,  or you can go to a salon or body spa to get it done by a professional.  Keep in mind that waxing at home will cost a lot less than going to a professional,  but it is a very messy and difficult process.

The pros can do it with the least amount of pain,  and they clean up the area so that you don’t have to deal with any mess.  Waxing will give you the ultimate clean and smooth bikini area.  The best part is that you won’t have to deal with the hair there but once every 3 or 4 weeks because you will be pulling the hairs out entirely.

Finally,  remember that razor bumps can be extra bad when they cause ingrown hairs.  If you end up getting an ingrown hair as the result of a razor bump,  apply a hot and wet washcloth to the area for 5 to 10 minutes before attempting to use a sanitized pair of tweezers to get the ingrown hair out.

Exfoliating the area prior to shaving will help to prevent those ingrown hairs from forming in the first place.  Make sure to follow all of the directions above to have nice,  clean skin on the bikini area and avoid having razor bumps altogether.

Have questions or comments?  Let me know what you think below!

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