How to Get Rid of Sagging Skin Under My Chin and Neck


Many adult individuals suffer from sagging and baggy skin beneath the chin and neck  but it is not a pleasant skin condition to have. If you have sagging skin on your chin and neck  don’t fret.


Fortunately for you and millions of other people who have this problem  there are solutions! Use this article to find out the best ways to get rid of that embarrassing and uncomfortable excess skin under the chin and neck once and for all.

Why Does Sagging Skin Occur Under the Chin and Neck?

Sagging skin beneath the chin and neck is a natural occurrence for individuals of a certain age. It is not unusual for people to develop this skin as they get older because collagen tends to not be produced as much as we age. In addition, there are other environmental factors that can cause sagging beneath the chin and on the neck and chest. Some of these are unfortunately unavoidable, but some you can fix.


First  excess sun exposure often causes the cells in the skin to break down faster than normal. People who tan and go out into the sun a lot throughout their lifetimes will end up with baggier skin.

Next  thin people tend to have more skin under their chins and on their necks than people who have a little more weight on their bones. This is because people who are slightly heavier have their skin pulled tighter over the fat on their bodies.

And lastly  smoking is a big cause of wrinkly and saggy skin anywhere on the body. Studies show that individuals who smoke for five or more years throughout their lifetime will have significantly saggier and baggier skin that those who abstain from smoking. If you are a smoker and you have sagging skin  stop this process by finding a way to quit the smoking habit.

Reducing Sun Time to Get Rid of Sagging Skin Under the Chin and Neck

One of the best ways to stop the aging process on the sagging skin under your chin and neck is to get out of the sun and stop exposing yourself to harmful UV rays. You can do this by wearing sunscreen with an SPF of at least 50 or higher when you go outside. Do this even in the winter because the sun can be harmful then too. In addition  wear scarves  hats and long sleeves in the sun—if it’s not too hot.

Natural Remedies for Reducing Sagging Under the Chin and Neck

If you would like to use natural remedies to reduce sagging under the neck and chin  this is possible as well. Vitamin E oil can be purchased at your drugstore  and it is a well-known remedy for giving tightness and moisture back to the skin. It also helps with smoothing and softening those pesky fine lines and wrinkles.

Creams to Get Rid of Sagging Skin Under the Chin and Neck

There are some prescription and over the counter creams that may be able to help tighten the skin under the chin and neck. Talk to your dermatologist or look at your local drugstore for skin creams that contain Retinol.

Retinol is a miracle ingredient for sagging skin  age spots and fine lines and wrinkles. It is derived from vitamin A and helps to boost collagen levels in older adults. We need collagen in our skin to help make it look plump and taut.

Surgery for Sagging Skin Under the Chin and Neck

If the options above do not work for you  there are surgeries that can help you get rid of sagging skin under the chin and neck. These surgeries must be performed by medical professionals. Experienced and certified dermatologists usually perform these surgeries at their practices.

These surgeries can take out the excess sagging skin from beneath your chin and on your neck so that the areas look and feel tighter and more youthful. Other surgeries can use light lasers to restore areas with fine lines and wrinkles.

Using Clothing and Accessories to Hide Sagging Skin

Finally  if you still feel that you have skin you are embarrassed and self conscious about under your chin and neck  consider trying to use your clothing and accessories to hide it. You can use many different types of clothes and accessories.

  • High Neck Lines and Jewelry

For example  if you are embarrassed about sagging skin near the bottom of your neck and on your chest  make sure to wear tops and dresses with necklines that come up high on the chest. On the other hand  large necklaces with big gems and beads are in fashion right now  so you could wear one of those to cover the area.

  • Winter and Fashion Scarves

Scarves are always in fashion for women. Whether it’s a winter scarf or a thinner  fashion scarf  you can use these accessories to cover sagging skin under the chin and neck. There are many ways to tie a scarf. Just look online for some different fashionable options. Smaller, thin scarves can be wrapped once around the neck and tied in the front or to the side. Larger, silk scarves can be wrapped around several times.

  • Turtlenecks

Lastly  turtlenecks cover the entire area of your neck and chin  so this is great for when you don’t want anyone to see sagging skin on this part of your body. You can get full fold-over turtleneck shirts or sweaters or mock neck turtlenecks to wear under suit coats for a fun and stylish look.

Remember that saggy and baggy skin under the chin and on the neck and chest area is just a part of getting older. It’s really nothing to be ashamed of. If you have sagging skin on this part of your body  yes  you will want to get rid of it if you can. Try not to be too embarrassed about this part of your body  but at the same time  definitely use the advice found in this article to fix the problem  if possible  once and for all.

Overall,  I hope you enjoy this article,  and as always,  I look forward to hearing your thoughts below.