How to Get Rid of Shoe Odor Naturally


Many men and women suffer from feet that stink,  and naturally,  this can make socks and shoes stinky as well. It’s a normal problem that no one should be ashamed about. A lot of people have shoes that smell for one reason or another. The problem is that a lot of people turn to store-bought chemicals to fix the problem.


If you have shoes that smell,  you don’t need to work on or fix the problem with chemicals. These can be dangerous for your lungs and overall healthy. You can take care of the situation with natural products and ingredients. Many of these things can be found in your own home,  in fact.

1. Know a Few Key Remedies for Taking Care of Odors

If you feel like you are doing everything right to take care of your feet and your shoes,  there are few extra things that can really go a long way with taking care of foot odor and bad smells that may be coming from your socks and shoes. It’s no problem to nip these issues in the bud quickly!

  • First,  talc and baby powders are some of the best remedies for foot odors. When you get home from wearing your shoes for a long time,  put a little bit of powder into your shoes. The powder will soak up the sweat,  dirt and oils and take care of bad smells. You can also rub the powders right onto your feet.
  • Another great way to freshen up your shoes is to put spices in them. Cloves or cedar wood absorb bad smells and help to make a pleasant smell as a replacement.
  • Tea soaks can really help your foot odor. All you do is soak your feet in a small bath of green tea for about 20 to 30 minutes. It is the tannins in the tea that will help dry your foot skin out and hamper the production of odor causing oils. Do this once per week,  and you will notice a real change!
  • Another foot bath to try can be made with some vinegar and baking soda. Get a small wash basin to put your feet into. Add about a quart or 2 of warm to hot water,  then add in 1/2 cup of vinegar (any kind is fine,  but basic white vinegar is the least expensive) and 1 to 2 tablespoons of baking soda. The mixture will bubble and clean your feet in no time. Let your feet soak for about 10 to 20 minutes.

2. Clean Your Feet Thoroughly Because This Could Be the Problem

Often,  people just forget about cleaning their feet when they take a shower or a bath. It may sound sort of odd to some people,  but sometimes people with back problems simply can’t get down that far to clean their feet. In addition,  sometimes it’s just a matter of not knowing the proper feet cleaning techniques.

  • You should be washing and cleaning your feet every time you take a shower. Your feet can harbor bacteria,  so make sure that you are cleaning them on this regular basis.
  • Use scrubs that are specifically designed for the feet. Some of these scrubs have tiny micro beads in them. These micro beads may be made from the small,  powdered pieces of crushed walnuts or pumice,  or they may be synthetic. Use these scrubs to create a big lather and wash your feet.
  • Other products that care for your feet can be applied after a shower or bath. There are many serums,  creams and lotions that have peppermint smells in them. Peppermint helps to get rid of odors,  and it also provides a very pleasant replacement scent!
  • Lastly,  make sure that you are even getting between the toes. You’ll need to wash there to get foot funguses that could grow. In addition,  you might want to enlist the help of some extra tools. A pumice stone can really scrub the bottoms of feet,  and it can take care of heavy set odors. In addition,  a small,  thin tool used for in between toes can catch toe calluses and clean there easier than your washcloth.

3. Freshen Up Your Shoes,  Socks and Foot Style

Sometimes,  foot odor and shoe and sock odor can be caused by something you are doing. Perhaps it is a bad habit or a place you are storing your shoes. These tips will help you take care of these common footwear issues and problems.

  • If it’s hot outside,  don’t wear fully covering,  close toed shoes. Instead,  opt for sandals or flip flops. Sandals and flip flops do more than just let your feet feel cooler. They let your feet breathe. Instead of cooping them up in sweaty shoes,  sandals and flip flops stop you from sweating so much,  and this hampers odors.
  • Next,  make sure you are changing your socks every day. There is no reason to wear socks more than once,  and if you have feet odor problems,  this could definitely be the issue.
  • Another way to change up your footwear routine and get rid of shoe odors is to simply wash your shoes. Indeed,  you can put your shoes into the washing machine. Just don’t dry them too long in the dryer. A little bit is okay,  but then you should put them out somewhere in your home to finish drying.
  • Finally,  rotate what shoes you wear. By simply changing the shoes you choose to wear each day or every few days,  you keep odors at bay.

One thing to remember is not to let a problem of smelly feet go on without taking care of the problem. Stinky feet can cause a lot of embarrassment. If you think your feet may smell but you’re not sure,  ask a close friend or family member who you trust. This is something that you will want to know about. If they tell you that yes,  your shoes or feet do smell,  don’t worry! Simply use the natural at-home methods listed above to take care of the problem,  and you will have normal,  fresh smelling shoes in no time.

If you have any questions or thoughts,  please feel free to comment below. I look forward to hearing from you.