How to Get Rid of Split Ends Without Cutting Your Hair


Split ends are a nuisance for everyone.  No matter how often you get your hair trimmed,  split ends come on quickly.


Many women want to grow their hair long,  but it can be hard when you keep getting split ends.

Fortunately,  there are a few natural ways to fix and get rid of split ends without cutting your hair.


Mayonnaise Mask

Mayonnaise contains a large amount of fat,  and for that reason,  it makes a great conditioner that you can find in your very own refrigerator.

It really helps to add healthy moisture to each strand and get rid of split ends.

1. Apply the mask

All you need for this mask is mayonnaise.  Apply the mayo to your hair,  making sure to cover everywhere from your roots to your tips.

2. Wrap your hair in plastic

Wrap up your hair in plastic wrap,  and leave the mask in for 40 minutes.

3. Rinse the mayo mask

Finally,  unwrap the plastic wrap and get in the shower.  Rinse out the mayonnaise and apply a gently shampoo to cover any remaining smell of mayo.

Avocado Conditioning Mask

Avocados contain a lot of fat just like mayonnaise,  but its different fat that comes naturally,  not from animals.

Avocados have a great number of omega-3 fatty acids,  which are great for promoting hair strength and laying down the split shafts of your hair strands.

1. Create your avocado conditioning mask

You’ll need one avocado and 2 Tbsp of organic raw honey.  Mash the avocado,  and mix it with 2 Tbsp of honey.

2. Apply the mask

You’re now ready to apply the mask to your hair.  Cover all of your hair from roots to tips.

Massage it in gently to get it everywhere.  Leave the mask on your hair for 20-30 minutes.

3. Rinse the mask

You can now rinse the mask from your hair with warm water.  You may need to rinse several times to get all of the honey out.

Lastly,  it’s important to note that some of the things you do to your hair can quicken how fast you normally get split ends.

For example,  if you often blow dry,  straighten or curl your hair with heat tools,  this can give you split ends.

If you are going to do these things,  that’s fine.  You should simply make sure to apply a heat protectant spray on your hair beforehand.

In addition,  only comb your hair when it’s wet,  and always use a soft boar bristle brush for brushing.