How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on Legs and Thighs


Stretch marks on the legs and thighs are annoying marks that can make you embarrassed to be seen in a bathing suit.  Women most often get stretch marks.  These occur when the body grows rapidly.  It could be because of a pregnancy,  during puberty when women develop hips or just from a period of rapid weight gain.


Regardless of how you get them,  most women want to get rid of them.  Fortunately,  there are ways to do so.  Here’s how.

lemon juice for stretch marks


Lemon Juice

Because lemon juice has natural acids in it,  it is great for helping wounds and scars to heal faster.  This includes stretch marks.

  1. Get a fresh lemon,  and juice it into a container.
  2. Using a wash cloth for large areas or a cotton ball for small areas,  rub the juice onto your stretch marks.
  3. Leave the juice on your skin for about ten minutes.
  4. Rinse with lukewarm water,  pat dry with a towel,  and repeat this lemon juice routine once every week.

potato juice for stretch marks

Potato Juice

Believe it or not,  potato juice has a lot of minerals and vitamins that can cultivate the growth of important skin cells.  These new skin cells will then have a chance to replace your old cells where the stretch marks are.

  1. Get a large potato and cut it once down the middles.
  2. Using one piece of the potato for each leg, rub the cut side where it is wet over your stretch marks.  Do this while you are watching TV or listening to the radio.  Do it for about four to five minutes.  Be sure that the juice is covering your marks.
  3. Let the potato juice dry,  then rinse with lukewarm water.  Pat dry
  4. Repeat once every few days for a month to see great results.


Keeping yourself well hydrating every day is a another way to combat stretch marks on the legs and thighs.

You should typically drink half of your weight in ounces of water.  For example,  if you weigh 150 pounds,  try to drink 75 ounces of water every day.  This will not only help with stretch marks,  but it will also help your face’s complexion and the avoidance of headaches.

Remember,  even if you use the amazing home remedies for leg and thigh stretch marks above,  and there is still a faint trace of the marks on your skin,  don’t worry.  Almost all women have stretch marks somewhere on there body.  It’s a part of life,  and a few tiny ones are normal.