How To Get Rid Of Underarm Hair


Underarm hair is embarrassing and annoying for many women.  Most women tend to wax their underarms,  but this is troublesome because it takes so much time,  and it must be done so often.  Plus,  there is always stubble underneath.


If you are looking for more reliable ways to remove underarm hair,  you have come to the right place.  Below,  we will review almost every way you can remove hair from your underarms to make your skin softer,  smoother and hair-free.

Underarm Hair Removal Methods

There are many ways to remove underarm hair.  As stated,  the most often used method is removing hair with a razor and shaving cream.  Aside from these methods,  you can remove armpit hair with cream depilatories,  waxing,  laser hair removal or electrolysis.


Shaving supplies,  depilatories and waxing kits for at-home can all be purchased over the counter at drugstores or online.  Make sure to follow directions as some of these methods can be dangerous.  For example,  wax can burn your skin if it’s too hot,  and razors can make deep cuts if not used properly.

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Home Remedies To Remove Unwanted Armpit Hair

There are certain natural ingredients that tend to help diminish the appearance of hair on your underarms and the rest of your body.  Papaya,  for example,  is notorious for stopping hair growth and in some cases,  getting rid of hair.

But one of the best home remedies to remove unwanted armpit hair involves creating your own at-home sugar wax.  For this home remedy,  you will need 1 cup of sugar,  enough dark corn syrup or molasses to cover the sugar in a bowl and the juice of 1/2 of a lemon.  You will also need some cotton or linen strips for waxing.

  1. Put the sugar in a bowl that is safe for the microwave.  Add the corn syrup or molasses over top.  Mix together with a wooden spoon.
  2. Put the bowl into the microwave for about 3 minutes on high.  This will help to dissolve the sugar.
  3. Take the bowl out and add your lemon juice to the mixture.  Stir together well.
  4. All the mixture to cool so that it is not piping how but still warm.
  5. Use a spatula to apply the sugar wax to your clean and dry underarms.  Apply the cotton or linen strip over top.
  6. Wait until the wax has hardened with the strip on top,  hold the skin taught and pull off the strip in one,  quick motion.
  7. Immediately apply pressure to the area for 4-5 seconds.

Wax For Underarm Hair Removal

Wax For Underarm Hair Removal

Many women get their armpits waxed or wax at home.  There are all sorts of waxing kits available that can be purchased online or at drugstores.  Some of them will be cold waxing kits.  These go on as a room temperature mixture,  then harden.  You can pull this wax off without cotton or linen strips.

There is also wax that must use strips and which is hot.  You either purchase a warmer with this wax that will heat your wax to the exact perfect temperature or you put the wax in the microwave.  Next, there are waxing strips on plastic that are pre-made.  All you need to do with these is quickly warm them up in your hands.

Finally,  you can go to a hair salon or beauty school to get your underarms professionally waxed.  You can even get leg hair,  arm hair and facial hair professionally waxed off if you like.

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Armpit Hair Removal Without Shaving Or Waxing

Some women like to use depilatories to remove hair.  These are hair removal creams,  which cut off the hairs at the skin level by using harsh chemicals.  Depilatories do not get hairs at the roots,  so hair grows back quickly,  and sometimes,  the skin can be damaged by the chemicals.

Aside from shaving,  waxing and depilatories,  there is also electrolysis and laser removal for underarm hair removal.  Read more about these methods below.

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Electrolysis Underarm Hair Removal

Electrolysis is a great way to remove underarm hair removal for anyone.  This method of hair removal targets the hair follicles themselves and makes them stop producing new hairs.  You will need do several sessions for this method to be effective over a long period of time because every single follicle needs to be finished off.

Make sure you go to an experienced esthetician for this process,  or you may face skin discoloration if it’s not done properly.

Laser Underarm Hair Removal

Laser underarm hair removal is permanent,  which makes it another great way to get rid of underarm hair.  It uses lasers that are specifically designed to target hairs to make them stop growing.  You will also need to do several laser sessions for this method of hair removal as each hair needs to be systematically focused on.  Laser hair removal is slightly less expensive than electrolysis.

Unfortunately,  if you have dark hair and dark skin,  this method is not for you.  It is also not for you if you have light hair.  The reason is that lasers in laser hair removal only target pigment.  They won’t remove light hair very well,  and if you have dark skin,  your skin might burn,  and it could be permanent.

What Is The Best Way To Remove Underarm Hair?

Everyone is different,  so everyone will have a different opinion about hair removal.  If you have the money,  electrolysis or laser underarm hair removal are your best bets.

If health is your concern and you want to be as natural as possible with your hair removal,  it might be a good idea to try the at-home wax remedy.  For a quick and easy underarm hair fix,  shaving will always be the fastest option.  Just make sure to have a sharp razor so that you have the least amount of stubble possible.

Remember that even though underarm hair can be annoying and embarrassing,  everyone has it.  Read through this article,  and try some of the methods to find the hair removable method that you find easiest and most reliable for you.

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