How to Get Rid of Wrinkles Without Surgery


Some individuals may see wrinkles on their skin at as young as 30 or 35.  Whether you are at this age or in your 50s or 60s,  wrinkles can be a big problem.  If you would like to take care of them,  check out the following easy to do steps,  and you will see your wrinkles disappear in no time.


Stay out of the sun

Prolonged exposure to the sun is the biggest reason why many women suffer from excess wrinkles.  If you want to stop wrinkles in their tracks,  always wear sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat outside,  and never go tanning.

stay out of the sun day


If you are a smoker,  stop now

Studies have been conducted on identical twins that show that the one twin who smoked over her lifetime was more likely to get more wrinkles than the twin who did not smoke.  There are many reasons to quit smoking,  and excess wrinkles is one of them.

Stop squinting

If you can’t see,  get glasses or contacts.  If you still can’t see when you read or watch television,  get reading glasses.  Repeated movements like squinting can actually cause wrinkles to form where they otherwise wouldn’t.

stop squinting when you smile

Use a daily and nightly moisturizer

Sometimes,  wrinkles can form because the skin is too dry.  To avoid your skin drying out too much,  always make sure that you use a calming moisturizer in the morning right after you get up and at night right before you go to bed.  Find a moisturizer that is not too oily but contains some form of non-comedogenic and nourishing oil like jojoba oil.

Try retinoids or alpha-hydroxy acids

For something more intense,  dermatologists will sometimes recommend that women use a moisturizer or serum that contains a small percentage of either retinoids or alpha-hydroxy acids.  Just don’t forget to wear sunscreen with these ingredients as it can cause skin to be more affected by UV rays.

Remember that even little things can help to reduce wrinkles on the skin.  Do you sometimes sleep with your face scrunched up on your side or stomach?  Some studies have shown that sleeping on your back and thus allowing no folds or crinkles to affect your skin at night can actually reduce wrinkles over longer periods of time.

In addition,  getting enough sleep every night will make you look and feel less tired,  and this may help the skin as well.  Follow all of these rules for wrinkle free skin.