How To Get Skinny Legs Without Building Muscle


Many women are concerned about building too much muscle when they try to work out and lose weight.  They think that lifting heavy weights or lifting weights at all could cause them to bulk up and look too manly,  yet they still want to lose fat on certain areas of their bodies.


For those women who are looking to get skinny legs in particular without building too much muscle in the legs,  this is entirely possible.  There are many things that you can do to help your legs look and feel skinnier but not too muscular.

Can You Spot Reduce Fat on the Legs

A lot of women feel that their legs have to much fat on them,  so they want to know how to get skinny legs.  The only way to get rid of fat anywhere on the body is to get rid of fat all over the body.


The truth is,  you can’t spot reduce fat on the body.  If you want to get skinny legs,  you will probably also end up getting a skinny stomach and skinny arms.  For most women,  this is okay! Most women want this look,  in fact.

Cutting Calories to Get Skinny Legs

To get rid of any fat on the body,  and in particular,  fat on the legs,  you need to stop eating your normal intake of food.  To do this,  you will first have to figure out your active metabolic rate.

You can figure out your active metabolic rate or AMR by finding an AMR calculator online.  These are easy to find.  Once you get to the calculator,  you will simply need to enter your age,  gender,  weight,  height and level of daily activity on average.

Your AMR will be spit out.  This is a number that represents the number of calories you need to eat every day to stay at the same rate.  Once you figure out your AMR,  you will need to create a calorie deficit for each day.

To do this,  you will subtract a certain number of calories from your AMR,  and you will eat this number of calories every day.  You can choose how many calories to subtract,  but keep in mind,  the more calories you subtract,  the faster you will get skinny legs.  You should never go below 1200 calories each day.

Exercising to Get Skinny Legs

When you exercise,  you burn calories.  So it makes sense to say that if you exercise more,  your calorie deficit will grow and you will be that much closer to getting skinny legs.  But this is where many women are worried about building too much muscle on their legs.

Most women equate exercise with building muscle,  but this is not necessarily true.

The Two Types of Exercise and Their Effects on the Body

There are two basic types of exercise.  There is cardiovascular exercise and strength training.  Both of these exercises burn calories,  but strength training tends to build more muscle.  This is why you should do more cardiovascular exercise if you want to get skinny legs.

Cardiovascular exercise is exercise that makes your heart pump hard.  It makes you breathe heavy and sweat a lot.  Some examples of cardiovascular exercise are running,  swimming,  biking or playing an intensive sport like soccer,  basketball or field hockey.

Make sure to get at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise into your routine 5 or 6 times a week.  If you want to track how hard your heart is working,  you can get a heart rate monitor.  Your heart rate monitor will tell you how fast your heart is pumping so that you can see what type of workout you’re getting.

Strength Training to Get Skinny Legs

Using Some Strength Training to Get Skinny Legs

Finally,  remember that a little bit of muscle is okay,  and it is good for your body and in particular,  your bones and joints.  You should be doing some strength training in your workouts.

If you don’t have any muscle on your body,  you are definitely unhealthy.  Just do a moderate amount of strength training,  and don’t lift too much weight.  For example,  you might just use your body weight to strength train.

You can do this by simply strength training with pushups,  plank position holds,  hollow man holds,  squats,  lunges and crunches.  You can even add a little bit of weight,  and it won’t build any muscle.

In addition,  remember that muscle weighs the same amount as fat,  but it looks much smaller.  One pound of muscle is about a third of the size of one pound of fat.  So even if you have a little muscle on your legs,  it will only help to tone and define them.

It won’t bulk them up so that they look big and fat.  Use the advice found in this article to get the skinny legs you’ve always wanted.

If you have any comments or questions,  feel free to leave your thoughts below.  I look forward to the discussion.