How to Get Soft Lips Overnight


The key to smooth and soft lips is cleansing away the dirt,  dead skin cells and bad oils and replacing them with good moisture.  Did you know that you can get super soft and smooth lips overnight?  You can with the detailed instructions below!


Assemble the ingredients for your lip mask

You will start your lip mask by gathering the necessary ingredients.  You will need to have honey,  olive oil,  almond oil,  sugar and coconut butter.  You also need some measuring spoons and a small container to keep your lip mask in for future use.  You should use your lip mask once every one or two weeks depending on your level of lip moisture.

does almond oil help get soft lips


Mix up your ingredients in your container

Start the process by mixing together 2 teaspoons of honey,  1 teaspoon of olive oil,  1 teaspoon of almond oil,  1 teaspoon of sugar and 2 teaspoons of coconut butter.

Make sure your lips are clean

Before applying your lip mask for the night,  make sure your lips are clean by washing them lightly with a gentle facial answer and pat dry.

Apply the lip mask

You can now apply your lip mask to your lips.  Make sure to cover even the skin above,  below and around your lips.

Go to sleep

You will be able to safely sleep with this lip mask on.  Try to sleep on your back so that you don’t get the lip mask on your pillow or make sure to have a pillow case you don’t care about.


In the morning,  rinse your lips and pat them dry.  You will notice soft,  smooth and supple lips right away.  Apply some coconut butter as a natural chapstick.

Drink more water

Drink more water

Finally,  this may seem non-critical,  but drinking more water can help your skin produce more healthy oils,  and this includes your lips.  After the night that you use your skin mask above,  try to make a conscious choice to drink more water,  and you will be sure to notice a difference in the smoothness and suppleness of your lips right away.

To be sure,  there are many products on the market today that tout their abilities to create moisture on your lips.  These are your general chapsticks,  lipsticks and lip glosses.  But the truth is,  they don’t work all that well in the end.

Individuals become dependent on these man-made products to keep their lips smooth and soft,  and when they stop using them,  their lips start to peel immediately.  To keep your lips smooth and soft and to do so overnight,  simply use the directions listed above,  and you will be on the right track.