How to Get White Nails After Nail Polish


Many women like to wear nail polish to brighten up their look and make their hands more attractive. Nail polish comes in all colors and shades,  and you can even do designs or get sparkly and glittery polish. The problem is that nail polish often stains the nails when it is taken off. Fortunately,  there are ways that you can get those nasty stains off so that you don’t have to hide your hands and nails in gloves and pockets anymore!


Why Do Nails Get Stained From Nail Polish in the First Place?

A lot of people don’t know why stained nails happen in the first place. The reason is the pigment. Darkly or highly pigmented nail polishes tend to stain nails the most,  so red,  green or dark blue polish will definitely leave its mark. In addition,  many women’s nails are porous,  and the color literally seeps into the beds of the nails. It takes some work to get it out,  but you can do it.

1. Make Sure You Are Doing All You Can With Nail Polish Remover

First,  make sure you are doing what you can with the first line of defense: standard nail polish remover.

  • You’ll want to make sure you are getting new cotton balls,  tissues or cotton pads every time you take the polish off a new finger. You will also need to dip into the remover to get more on your pad. Don’t just use one dip into the remover and one pad or you will simply be swirling the nail polish around on each nail.
  • Use Q-tips as well to get in hard to reach places near the cuticles. Put some nail polish remover on the Q-tip head to get along the edges of the nail. You might even need to employ the use of an orange still to get beneath the cuticles a small amount.

2. Try Scrubbing Masks to Get the Stains Off

There are also some scrubbing methods that you can employ to get those pesky stains off and reveal nice,  clean nail beneath.

  • Try baking soda with other whitening agents like toothpaste and fresh lemon juice. Mix 1 Tablespoon of baking soda with either toothpaste or lemon juice and a little bit of water to make a paste, then scrub it on each nail before rinsing.

3. Soak Your Nails in Cleansers and Whitening Agents

If you are not in the mood for some scrubbing action,  try one of these whitening or simple cleansing agent soaks to get the nail polish stains off.

  • Denture cleaner is a great solution for whitening your nails because your nails are made up of much the same materials as your teeth. Dissolve some denture cleaner in some warm water and put your hands inside. Let it sit there for about 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing.
  • You can also add some fresh lemon juice to some soapy water to get the nail polish stains off. Simply put a bit of antibacterial hand or dish soap into a small bowl of warm water and squeeze the juice from one lemon in. Put your hands in the bowl again for about 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing.

4. Various Other Fixes to Get White Nails After Nail Polish

Here are some other fixes for getting white nails after a bad nail polish stain.

  • Filing and buffing may help to physically wipe away the stains. You can file around the top of your nails where there may be stains in chips or cracks in the nail. Sometimes stains even get underneath the nail. You can also try to buff the surface of the nail with a 3 or 4 step nail buffer. Just don’t get too aggressive.
  • A nail whitening pencil can help to whiten the area beneath the top of the nail. This pencil can be purchased online or at your local drug store. Simply we it before using.

5. Prevent Nail Stains From Happening in the First Place

There are a few ways that you can prevent these nail stains from happening in the first place,  and this can save you a lot of time,  money and energy.

  • You will want to use a base coat the next time you use a strong color of nail polish. This will protect the surface of the nail and make it hard for the nail pigment to seep in. In addition,  adding a top coat after the 1 or 2 coats of color polish will help seal the color and make it last a bit longer than normal. You can also try to use more neutral colors so you don’t have this problem as often.
  • Another thing you can do to keep your nails from staining the next time is to make sure you only get polish on the main center area of your nail bed. Don’t even try to get the polish up to the very edge of each nail as this will only cause more harm than good. If you do happen to get a little bit of nail polish pigment onto your skin or cuticle line,  use an orange stick with a piece of cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover on top to get the pigment off right away. Don’t give it time to soak in.

6. Cover Up the Nail Polish Stain on Your Nails for a Quick Fix

Finally,  if you have a date or an event that you are going to and you simply don’t have time to do the procedures above,  you can always put the nail polish back on your nails. Choose the color that you had on before that stained your nails,  or just choose another color that is similar.

For example,  if you had red nail polish on the last time you wore polish color and that is the color that is staining your nails,  simply put on another red,  a maroon or a pink that will cover up the red stain. When you get home,  you can employ the use the of the nail cleaning and whitening steps above to get those clean and smooth nails back.

As always,  I’d love to hear your thoughts,  comments,  or questions below.