How To Grow Hair Back In Bald Spots


Bald spots can occur based on many factors.  Sometimes,  eating disorders,  illnesses or just age can cause bald spots.  The issue of balding is uncomfortable and embarrassing for many people.


Fortunately,  there are a few things you can do to stop balding in its tracks and turn back the hands of time.  Many people don’t realize this,  but your hair can grow back.  Many individuals have had success in this.

Before talking more about how to grow hair back in bad spots,  it’s wise to learn a little bit more about what balding is and why it occurs.  Read on to learn more.


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Is It Possible To Regrow Hair On Bald Head?

Yes.  It is entirely possible to regrow hair if you have a bald or balding head.  Many people will tell you that the only way to get rid of baldness is to get an expensive and risky hair transplant.

This process is dangerous,  painful and very costly.  What the doctor does is actually take hairs from other parts of your head and put them individually into the empty pores in the bald areas of your head.

There,  they supposedly take root and continue to grow.  This process usually takes several different surgeries,  and the dangers are many.

Other people will tell you that you need to take medications to regrow hair.  This is also untrue.

These medications can disrupt your immune system and reproductive system and cause more harm than good.  If you want to regrow hair on your bald head,  you need to use natural and effective remedies.

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Why Do I Get Bald Spots In My Hair?

It’s normal to shed hairs each day.  Both men and women lose approximately 40 to 120 hairs each day just on a normal basis.  That’s not very much when you consider that each person has about 100,000 on his or her scalp.  This amount of hair loss is not even noticeable.

Some people lose a lot more hair,  however,  and this might be cause for alarm because it may cause very noticeable balding and bald patches.  There are different reasons why balding occurs.

One reason is a medical condition.  There are several medical conditions that could cause you to lose excess hair from your scalp.  For example,  a scalp infection like ringworm could cause this.

Alopecia areata is a chronic disorder that makes every last one of your hairs fall out.  This includes the hair on your arms,  eyebrows,  legs,  underarms,  pubic region and head.

Lastly,  some type sod lupus and of course,  cancers can cause severe hair loss.

Other people may lose hair because of medications they are taking for depression,  high blood pressure,  arthritis,  heart problems or cancer.  Even general anxiety and shock can cause hair loss.  Finally,  older age can cause hair on the head to thin and gray in color.

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What To Do If You Have A Bald Spot On Your Head

If you have a bald spot or spots on your head,  there are options for you.  These are mostly natural options,  although there are some store-bought brands of ointments,  oils and creams that can greatly help you.

Just remember that taking a medication or getting a hair transplant are options you will want to avoid at all costs.  These can cause harm.  If you want to get rid of your bald spots,  read on about your natural treatment options.

Hair Bald Spot Treatment

Treatment options vary for baldness and bald patches.  There are basically two categories of feasible options.

First,  you have home remedies for bald hair regrowth,  then you have hair products that you can purchase at the store or pharmacy for bald hair regrowth.  Let’s delve into each of these and see how they work to relieve you of baldness.

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Home Remedies For Bald Hair Regrowth

The first home remedy you should employ for a balding head is simple:  reducing stress.  Stress is a top cause of hair loss,  so just cutting down the anxiety in your home and workplace can really make that hair start to grow back quickly.  This is all that is needed for some people.

Start by making a goal of doing yoga and meditating each morning.  Do each one for 10 minutes each.  Then work on mindful breathing during the day.

Focus on the present,  and forget the past and future while you breath.  Say “no” to obligations that are posed to you.  Don’t take on so much.

You can also try radish mixed with onion and made into a juice.  The properties in radishes and onions have been known to rejuvenate hair follicles and start hair growing again rapidly.

1. Find radish and onion juice at a health food store,  or make your own with a juicer.

2. Rub the juice on your hair every morning,  and let it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing in the shower.

3. Alternatively,  you can mix the juices with honey to had a more pleasant smell and to give some more moisture to your scalp.

Learn more about Top 10 Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Hair Products That Grow Hair Faster

If you prefer to purchase something at the store to get your hair to grow back in the bald spots,  try a product that contains minoxidil or finasteride.  These two ingredients are most often used to treat hair loss.

Ask your doctor before trying these hair products,  and always follow the directions exactly.

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Tips To Grow Hair On Bald Head

Don’t forget that balding on the head or losing large patches of hair can be a sign of something more serious than just hair loss.  Talk to your doctor before proceeding with your treatment.

It’s also smart to remember that these procedures may take several weeks,  so be patient.  You can grow your hair back,  and it is possible.

Just as the hair you do have grows slowly,  your new hairs that are sprouting up will also grow slowly but surely.

Follow these key pieces of advice for growing hair back on the bald spots of your head.  You don’t have to be ashamed or embarrassed anymore.  There is hope for balding.

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