How to Make Your Eyebrows Grow Faster


Many people don’t realize how important your eyebrows are,  but they truly shape your face.  It’s important to choose the right eyebrow shape for your face and to maintain that shape.


The truth is,  however,  this can be difficult and many people end up over plucking their brows.  To grow them back,  follow these steps:

castor oil eyebrows growth


Use Castor Oil

Castor oil is useful for many things in beauty and wellness,  but it is most well-known for being able to make hair grow faster!

1. Prepare your castor oil

You can find castor oil at your local drug store or online.  It will have a foul smell,  so add a few drops of lemon,  mint or rosemary essential oils to make a better smelling hair tonic.

2. Apply the castor oil at night

You’ll be applying the castor oil to your brows at night before you go to sleep.  Be sure to cover each and every brow.  Beware that the castor could stain or damage your night clothes or sheets,  so you might want to use old ones you don’t care about.

3. Wash in the morning.

In the morning,  wash off the castor oil with a gentle,  mild soap.  Don’t scrub too hard because hair on your brows is delicate and may get ripped out.

Be sure to get all of the castor oil out before applying makeup and lotion.  Finally,  don’t forget that you will need to continue this process for about 3 weeks before you start noticing some amazing results.

Leave them alone entirely and brush daily

The key to making your eyebrows grow faster is not to touch them while they are growing.  This can be hard to do,  but it’s vital if you want strong,  thick brows.

1. Don’t pluck, wax or shave anything

Even if you think you know which hairs are stray and which will be part of your brows,  don’t pluck anything.  Chances are, you will need some of those hairs.  Do not do any hair removal when you are letting your brows grow out.

2. Brush often

Brushing your brows with an eyebrow brush can make them grow faster.  The brushing against the skin and hair follicles stimulates growth,  so brush away,  just do it gently.

Remember,  when you are growing out your brows,  they may be a little misshapen.  This is completely normal,  so don’t worry,  but you might want to use some makeup to fill in sparse spots while your hair is growing.