How to Prevent Pimples Naturally


Pimples are pesky skin problems that plague many people.  You want your skin to look bright and clean when you face each new day.


If pimples are a problem for you,  check out the following vital pieces of advice to learn how you can keep them from popping up in the first place.

Cleanse Regularly

The buildup of sebum (your skin’s oil) plus dirt and oils from the day causes your pores to get clogged,  and that’s why pimples form.


Other factors like hormones can also play a role,  but cleansing your facial skin at least twice per day is a step in the right direction for any type of acne.  Always use a gentle cleanser,  and only use an exfoliating cleanser once per week if necessary.

Use Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide

This is where the real work will be done.  These two ingredients are known for being the best battlers of pimples.  For severe acne,  stick with benzoyl peroxide,  and for lighter pimples,  try salicylic acid.

Remember that benzoyl peroxide may bleach some clothing so use it carefully and sleep on a white pillow case.


The use of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide will help eliminate pimples,  but it might also make your skin dry.  Use a noncomedogenic moisturizer twice a day to aid in this.  Use a basic cream before bed and a cream with SPF in it in the morning.

prevent pimples on face

Don’t Touch Your Face

There are many clog-poring oils on your fingers.  When you rest your head on your chin or rub your face throughout the day,  these pores add to the oil on your face and cause more pimples.  Keep your hands away,  and absolutely never pick at pimples.

Remember that most everyone gets at least one pimple once in a while.  A few here and there every month is normal.

If you find that you have more pimples coming at you than you can handle,  make an appointment with your doctor or a dermatologist to learn more about the anti-acne medicines and prescription creams that are out there.