How to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy


Stretch marks are literally scars on the skin that occur when the skin gets stretched passed its elastic limits.  Stretch marks occur most often when weight is gained for any reason,  during puberty or during pregnancy.  The best line of defense against stretch marks is to prevent them from occurring in the first place, and here’s how.


Maintain a healthy diet

The reasons for maintaining a healthy diet are twofold.  First, the more good vitamins and minerals you get (especially vitamins E and C),  the better your skin will react to changes in shape and size due to weight gain,  if it occurs. Second, by eating a healthier diet,  you will be less likely to rapidly gain weight—a cause of stretch marks.

Moisturize every day

If you are going through puberty,  a period of weight gain or pregnancy,  make sure to moisturize the areas that could get stretch marks every day.  Use massage oil,  a shea butter moisturizer and a massage glove.


Make sure pregnancy weight gain is slow and gradual

It is of course necessary that you gain weight during pregnancy.  This is a cause of stomach stretch marks (and stretch marks in other places) that many women experience.

To avoid stomach stretch marks when you gain your pregnancy weight,  try to gain weight gradually and consistently.  Check with your doctor about how much weight you should be gaining each week,  and stick to those goals.  In addition, moisturize preventatively every day.

Remember that stretch marks are extremely common,  and over half of all women have them on at least one area of their bodies.  If you are worried about what stretch marks look like and feel self conscious about possibly getting them,  use these preventative tactics to avoid getting these often annoying skin marks in the first place and enjoy smooth and clear skin.