How to Regrow Receding Hairline Naturally


No one wants to go bald,  and no one wants to have an obvious receding hairline either. This is a natural occurrence in many individuals throughout the world,  but it can be embarrassing and annoying. Having a fully intact hairline makes you feel younger and more attractive.


If you are struggling with a receding hairline,  don’t fret about it. This problem can be solved,  and it can be solved naturally. Use the following key advice to fix that receding hairline once and for all—the natural way!

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What Is a Receding Hairline and Why Do They Occur in Some People?

Before we delve into the solutions for a receding hairline,  let’s talk about why receding hairlines happen in the first place. Receding hairlines are a type of progressive hair loss. While some women experience this type of hair loss,  it is most often a problem for men. Usually,  the receding hairline occurs in two general patches on either side of the forehead. Sometimes,  a bald patch will appear on the very top of the head,  and this will usually happen later in life. But the receding hairline could happen in men as young as 20 or 30.

The reason why receding hairlines occur is quite complicated,  but we can generalize it here for ease of comprehension. Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is a male sex hormone. This hormone is responsible for helping you go through puberty when you are a teenager,  but it when you’re done with puberty and your body stops producing this hormone,  the side effects of its depletion can be rather annoying. One of these side effects is that you may get a receding hairline.

Treatments for This Issue

Individuals and doctors treat receding hairlines in a variety of ways. First,  you can go to a dermatologist who might suggest a cream treatment that would be prescribed by them individually. They might also suggest hair plugs or other treatments. The problem with these is that they are almost always extremely expensive. In addition,  they tend to have serious and dangerous side effects. And finally,  they don’t always work the way you want them too. The hair often falls out again after treatment ends.

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An alternative is to try to treat your receding hairline by yourself at home. This can actually be very effective if you use natural remedies like homemade shampoos,  conditioners,  hair masks and other tactics. We will learn about those below.

Can a Receding Hairline Be Regrown Naturally?

Yes! You can definitely regrow your hairline naturally. Many people think that the only way to regrow lost hair from the hairline is with expensive and painful treatments. While some treatments that are offered at the offices of dermatologists can indeed help you grow your hair back,  it’s better to use natural remedies. You will learn about these key natural remedies for hairline regrowth in the next section.

1. Try Natural Home Remedies

There are several home remedies that are completely natural and that can help you with your receding hairline.

  • One of the best of these remedies is to massage key oils into the scalp to help regenerate new growth. Castor oil is one of the best oils for doing this. Castor oil can be mixed with a few drops of lemon essential oil. Mix this in a bowl before massaging the mixture onto the area of the head that is experiencing less hair growth.
  • You can also create a hair mask from lime juice,  coconut milk and fresh avocado. Simply drop a few drops of lime juice into a bowl,  add 1/4 cup of coconut milk and 1 fresh avocado mushed up. Add some honey if you like as well,  and put the mask on your head. After 10-15 minutes,  wash it off in the shower and pat dry.

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2. Make Diet and Lifestyle Changes

There are some diet and lifestyle changes that might help with regrowing your receding hairline.

  • First,  remember that how you take care of your body will effect everything that goes on with your body. If you eat lots of fruits,  vegetables,  lean proteins and whole grains within a reasonable calorie count each day,  you are eating a healthy diet,  and this will show in your hair and other parts of your body. But if you eat junk foods like chips,  candy,  soda pop and ice cream all the time,  this could cause problems with your hair,  skin and nails. Eat healthy and try to exercise for 30 minutes at least 5 times per week.
  • Also, if you aren’t already,  consider taking fish oil every day to boost the health of your hairs. Fish oil is a pill supplement that can be purchased online or at your local drugstore. It contains strong omega-3 fatty acids that can help your hair,  nail and teeth get stronger and stay healthier. As a bonus,  omega-3 fatty acids also boost your cardiovascular health.

3. Try a Few Other Changes to Your Routine

Finally,  there are a few other things that could definitely help with your receding hairline.

  • First,  stop combing or brushing your hair so aggressively if you are. In fact,  you could also be combing and brushing your hair too often. This is especially true if you comb backwards. This could lead to hairs falling out. Make sure that you just brush or comb once per day.
  • Also try to avoid hair care products that contain harsh chemicals and toxins. For example,  avoid all hair dyes,  and don’t bleach your hair. This will weaken each hair individually and could lead to hairs splitting and falling out—especially along your hairline.
  • And lastly,  use silk or satin pillowcases on your bed. These cause less friction than normal,  cotton pillow cases,  and this could help cradle your head and hair more nicely so as to reduce excess loss of hair.

As you can see,  a receding hairline does not have to stay that way forever. With some know-how,  you can stop your receding hairline from getting worse and actually regrow it! Just follow the advice found above.

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