How to Regrow Thinning Hair for Men


Many men experience thinning hair at one point in their lives. It is a natural part of getting older,  and it’s not a problem for some people. But for others who may feel that their thinning hair takes away from their identity,  their manliness or their looks,  it can be an issue. If you have thinning hair that you would like to regrow,  this article is for you. Here,  you will find useful information on getting back the head of hair you used to have.


1. Check if Hormonal Causes Are to Blame

Hormonal causes could be to blame for male thinning hair. For example,  if your father or mother has or had thinning hair,  you might also have it as well. Ask your parents and grandparents and talk to your doctor about hormone supplements.

2. Look at Changing Medications

There are some medications that people take that could cause thinning hair and complete hair loss. Look at the medications that you are currently taking to see if hair loss is a listed side effect. If possible,  you can work with your doctor to try to switch these medications so that your hair will regrow. There are a few illnesses that are commonly associated with medications that can lead to thinning hair:

  • Depression or other Mental Disorders
  • Cancer
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart issues
  • Arthritis

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3. Destress and Get Healthy

Stress and an unhealthy lifestyle could be to blame for your hair loss,  so fixing these things could regrow thinning hair.

  • Make sure you are getting enough exercise every day. Try to find exercise that you enjoy. For example,  join an intramural sports team,  start working out with a friend or join a gym. Exercise will make you healthier and also reduce stress,  which can cause seriously hair thinning and loss.
  • Eat a healthy diet that is full of fruits,  veggies,  whole grains and lean proteins like turkey,  chicken,  fish,  beens and eggs. This is important for keeping stress at bay and making sure that you are taking care of your body.
  • Eat a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. These are important for heart health and overall health,  but they are also vital for your teeth,  nails and hair. You need omega-3s to have healthy hair that shines and is strong. You can get omega-3 fatty acids from sources like fish and avocados.
  • You should also try to drink more water. Every system and part of your body relies on water,  so you need a lot of it each day to stay healthy. Drinking more water will help hydrate your skin and replenish your pores so that hair grows better.
  • Finally,  the vitamin,  biotin,  has been known to help regrow healthier,  fuller and shinier hair,  so you could start taking this as a supplement. You might also consider biotin to improve your nails and teeth.

4. Change Your Products

Some people have allergic reactions to hair products like hairsprays,  gels,  serums,  creams or foams. You may have thinning hair because you are using too many harsh products on your hair or the wrong ones. You likely won’t know if this is the problem until you get rid of these products for at least a few months and replace them with some natural products.

  • For example,  if you use a non-natural,  harsh shampoo and conditioner plus hairspray and mousse,  stop the use of these products for about 2 months. Replace your shampoo and conditioner with natural products,  and use all-natural coconut oil instead of hair spray and styling mousse to style your hair.

5. Avoid Heat Treatments

In addition to damaging shampoos,  conditioners and hair styling products,  heat treatment tools like blow dryers,  flat irons and curling irons can also be damaging your hair and causing it to break and thin. If you use any of these products,  make sure to stop their use immediately.

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6. Natural Remedies for Regrowth

There are a few natural remedies that you can use to regrow hair as well.

  • For example,  an avocado honey mask can do wonders. Mix 1 tablespoon of honey with 1/2 mashed avocado and apply it to your scalp and hair shafts once per week. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes before rinsing.
  • You might also try coconut oil. Apply a bit to your fingers and massage it into your scalp to replenish the skin there.

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7. Try a Hair Growth Treatment

There are a few over the counter products that could be used to regrow your thinning hair. Most notably,  Rogaine has been proven to regrow hair over several months. This is a serum that must be applied to your hair at least twice per day and used all the time. When you stop using Rogaine,  your hair will likely thin again if the culprit of your hair thinning was simply male pattern thinning and baldness.

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8. Talk to a Doctor

The remedies listed above are recommended by hair care professionals and those in the beauty and health industry who know about male hair growth patterns. They are even recommended by dermatologists, but it is possible that the above remedies will not fully regrow your thinning hair or hair loss because there are a few medical issues that could be at the root of the problem. If this is the case,  you will need to have medical attention,  so make an appointment with your family doctor or dermatologist to see what could be causing the problem.

Finally,  remember that thinning hair is common,  and it has probably affected some of your friends and even your favorite movie stars from time to time. You will see photos all over the internet of male movie stars and famous musical artists who have thinning hair. You can learn to regrow that hair just as many of these stars have. Use the vital information found here to regrow your thinning hair and you will be back to a full head of gorgeous locks in no time.

If you have any comments or questions,  feel free to leave your thoughts below.  I look forward to the discussion.

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