How to Remove Acne Scars Naturally


Acne scars are marks on the skin left by those annoying pimples of the past.  When a pimple forms,  it is actually inflammation on the skin,  and it damages collagen.  This in turn forms a colored and often gouged out mark or scar.  Check out the best ways to get red of acne scars below.


Figure Out Your Scar Type

Those with darker skin will notice discolored areas where their pimples used to be.  Those with lighter skin may see redness.  In terms of shape,  most scars are shallow in the skin,  and these can be treated at home for the most part.

For serious atrophic scars (deeper indentations) or ice pick scars (narrow and deep indentations),  seeking the advice of a dermatologist may be the best step.


Don’t Pick at Pimples

The number one rule about pimples is not to pick at them.  Why? Because it is bound to leave a scar that way.  Yes, even leaving a pimple completely alone and letting it run its course might leave a small scar,  but picking at an existing pimple with your fingernails will definitely leave a welt.

how to remove acne scars from face naturally

Stay Out of the Sun

The damaging UV rays of the sun will turn your skin darker,  and they will turn your scars even darker than that.  As you lose your tan,  your scars will stay darker for longer.  This slows the healing process of scars.  Use sunscreen,  and stay out of the sun for prolonged periods of time if you can.

Try a Fade Cream

There are several fade creams on the market that have been known to help sufferers of acne scars.  Try products with kojic acid,  which is derived from mushrooms,  or bearberry extract (arbutin).  You can get these products over the counter at the pharmacy.

Remember that everyone has acne scars here and there.  Even relatively bad scars that are noticeable now will fade and repair themselves over time.  If you have severe atrophic or ice pick scars,  see a dermatologist,  who may be able to use laser treatments to fill in and repair those areas of the skin.  Otherwise, follow the advice found here and you’ll enjoy smooth and scar-free skin all year.