How to Remove Blackheads at Home


Blackheads are caused by sebaceous glands in the skin that are overactive and therefore producing more oil or sebum than necessary.  This oil mixes with dead skin cells on the face to clog pores,  creating pesky blackheads.


Luckily,  there is a step by step protocol for removing blackheads safely from your skin without causing damage or pain.

1. Steam

The first step is to steam your skin so as to loosen the blackheads and give those pores a deep cleanse.  A warm compress works fine if you don’t have a steam facial machine or time enough to steam up your bathroom.


2. Cleanse and Exfoliate

Second,  you’ll want to cleanse and exfoliate.  This is necessary to slough off dead skin cells.  Try baking soda in a jam,  or purchase a gentle exfoliator from the pharmacy.  Use water on your fingertips to gently rub the exfoliator into your skin with a circular pattern.

3. Strip Away Blackheads

Next,  you are ready to finally remove those blackheads.  The best method by far is to use pore strips.  These can be purchased at the pharmacy,  or you can try using milk of magnesia.  To use the strips,  apply water beneath each strip,  allow to dry and harden,  and gently peel off along with the blackheads.  For milk of magnesia,  after it dries,  simply peel it or clean it off,  and the blackheads should go with it.

how to remove blackheads naturally

4. Rinse

Finally,  rinse your face with cool water to remove the pore strip or milk of magnesia residue.  If you find that your skin is slightly red,  use aloe vera to gently calm your skin and moisturize it at the same time.

In the future,  make sure that you are not touching your face often with your fingertips,  and always cleanse your face with a non-comedogenic facial cleanser in the morning and before bed.  This will help keep blackheads at bay.  If you do find that you have a blackhead,  use these four basic steps,  which will allow you to gently dislodge blackheads and leave your skin smooth,  clean and blackhead free.