How to Remove Coffee Stains From Teeth


Have you ever seen someone with yellow or brown tinted teeth? It’s really an awful site even when they smile. The reason for staining teeth like this is often simply too much coffee. Both men and women alike get stains on their teeth from different things,  but coffee seems to be the worst offender.


If you are someone who drinks coffee regularly and has noticed some stains on your teeth,  don’t worry! There are things you can do to get rid of those stains quickly and effectively. Read on to learn more.

1. Whiten Your Teeth With an At-Home Kit

At-home whitening kits are the quickest and easiest ways to whiten your teeth. You will see results right away and they will only get better. Buy these kits at drug stores or online.

  • Each whitening kit will be a little bit different,  so make sure that you are paying attention to the instructions on the box.
  • Some kits will have you put a gel or cream into a rubber mouth tray that you mold to your exact teeth shape before hand.
  • There are other kits that use whitening strips. The gel that will whiten your teeth is already on the strips,  so you just have to apply them to your teeth and wait the allotted time.
  • Lastly,  there are some at-home teeth whiteners that use a device to change the hue and color of your teeth. Coffee stains disappear immediately with the use of these devices,  but they can be a bit on the pricey side. The good thing is that using a light device to whiten your teeth from coffee stains is instant and quick.
  • Keep in mind with these kits that many people have extra sensitive teeth,  so if the box tells you to use the strips or gel trays for 30 minutes a day for 2 weeks,  consider cutting that down to 20 minutes a day for 2 weeks. You can even switch to whitening every other day. You will eventually get the same results this way.

2. Use a Whitening Toothpaste in Your Daily Routine

If you don’t feel like purchasing an at-home kit and going through the routine of whitening your teeth at home,  you can always whiten your teeth from coffee stains with a slower but just as effective process.

  • Purchase a tube of whitening toothpaste. You can buy these from all different oral care brands online or at the drug store closest to your home. Use the toothpaste just as you would normal toothpaste—every morning and every night.
  • You won’t see results right away,  but after a few weeks,  you will. Take note that you will get the very best results when you use a toothbrush that is electric of oscillates.
  • You can also use a whitening mouthwash at home. If you want a speedy whitening,  use both the whitening toothpaste and the whitening mouthwash,  or you can use either one alone.

3. Get Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

If you don’t like the idea of whitening your teeth at home,  go to the dentist to see about a professional whitening. Most dentists offer this procedure to their clients,  and many say that it is safer to see a professional for a whitening than to do it at home on your own.

  • Remember that when a professional whitens your teeth,  you may have to pay a lot more. The at-home kits are fairly reasonable in price,  but dentists may charge hundreds of dollars. With that said,  many people say the dentists’ whitenings last longer than at home kits.
  • In addition,  you may get sensitive teeth from a dentist whitening in the same way that you could get sensitive teeth at home,  so keep this in mind as well.

4. At Home Natural Remedies For Removing Coffee Stains

You can also whiten your teeth with products and ingredients that you already have in your own home. These are all natural and very safe.

  • First,  try scrubbing your teeth with some hydrogen peroxide. Just put a little bit onto a wet washcloth and rub the area over your teeth for about 20 seconds. Make sure to rinse with after afterwards.
  • Baking soda makes a great scrub for your teeth,  and it is very safe. Many toothpastes are already made from baking soda.

5. Quick Fixes For Removing Coffee Stains and Making Teeth Whiter

Sometimes,  you get immediate coffee stains when you drink coffee,  so you need a quick fix to get the dark gray or brown tint off of your teeth. When this happens,  try one or all of these quick fixes to get you through!

  • First,  bring an on-the-go cleaning cream or gel with you. These are sold in drug stores and online. You simple squirt a small amount of the gel onto your finger tip and rub it onto the surface of your teeth. Then rinse with a quick wash of cool water. A good travel bottle of mouthwash also works. Instant brightening!
  • You can also try wearing more bronzer if you are a woman going out on the town and you don’t have time to fully whiten your teeth at home. Bronzer makes you look tanner and will make a contrast between your teeth and your skin—making your teeth look lighter and whiter.
  • If you know you will be drinking coffee at a gathering of friends or a date and you don’t want to get stains,  you can protect your teeth from coffee and other staining foods by putting on some petroleum jelly beforehand. Models do this to make their teeth shine.
  • Finally,  if you are at dinner,  grab one of the lemon garnishes and take it with you to the bathroom. Rub the lemon on the surface of your teeth and rinse.

Remember,  try all of these amazing fixes for removing coffee stains from teeth when you want that clean,  white and bright smile. No one wants to have stained teeth from coffee. Use this advice and people will notice your shining grin!

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