How to Remove Makeup Without Makeup Remover


Many women wear makeup on a daily basis. Makeup can add a lot to your face to make you appear brighter,  prettier and more awake looking. Just a little concealer under the eyes and around the nose can even out your skin tone and make you look cleaner and more put together. Shaping your brows can pull your facial features together more cohesively,  and just a little mascara and lipgloss can make your eyes and mouth pop!


But of course,  after you put on your makeup in the morning or in the evening before you go out on the town,  you always know that there will be a time when you’ll need to take that makeup off. So what if you don’t have any makeup remover? Well,  you’re in luck because there are several key ways to remove makeup without makeup remover.

Do You Really Need Makeup Remover to Remove Makeup?

The truth is there are many natural products or those that you have at home already or can easily get that can remove your makeup for you when you don’t have a ready-made makeup remover. These products and ingredients are just as safe and effective as those products you buy in the store that are specifically labeled for makeup removal.


1. Natural Oils for Makeup Removal

Many natural oils work great for makeup removal—especially for the eyes. You probably already have a lot of these oils at home. One oil that is especially good is olive oil,  and most people have this in their kitchens at all times. You can also try jojoba oil,  which is used already in many beauty and skincare products. It is non-comedogenic,  so it will never clog your pores and give you pimples and blackheads. Finally,  try grape seed oil or castor oil.

  • When using oils for makeup removal,  the first thing you want to do is get a soft wash cloth or some cotton pads. Wet whatever you choose with just a little bit of water,  but do not soak it. This helps to make a small amount of oil go further. Next,  put about 7-10 drops of the oil of your choice onto the cotton pads or wash cloth.
  • Slowly and gently massage the cloth with oil on it onto your skin to remove the makeup. You must make sure to get in the creases around your nose,  all the way up to your hairline and all the way down to your chin line to make sure you get all the makeup off. This is important.
  • Finish by splashing your face with water to remove the rest of the oils,  and finally,  pat your face dry with a clean towel.

2. Products You Use for Other Parts of Your Body

Many of the beauty and self care products that you use on other parts of your body can be used to remove makeup on the face and eyes. This may seem odd,  but if you look at the ingredients in many of these products,  they are usually very similar. Beauty and skin and hair care companies simply change the labels on the products to attract different customers.

  • Conditioner for the hair is a great product to use for removing makeup from the face. Believe it or not,  hair conditioner contains many or even most of the same products as cream makeup remover. Simply put a little bit of conditioner into your hand,  rub it on your finger tips and massage it gently around the skin. Splash with water to remove excess makeup and pat dry.
  • Baby shampoo is tear free,  so it is a great soap to use on your face and even near your eyes. You can simply squirt a little baby shampoo or baby body wash onto a small cotton round or a washcloth,  add a little bit of water and use it to remove your makeup. This is a tear free product,  but you should also remember not to get it into your eyes.

3. Other Products in Your Kitchen Can Remove Makeup Too

Did you know that there are actually many products in your very own kitchen that can remove your makeup for you? It’s true!

  • Avocados are in most people’s kitchens. This is a vegetable that is very good for you because it is full of healthy fats and omega 3 acids. It’s actually great for your skin to begin with! If you want to use avocado to remove makeup from your eyes or face,  simply use a q-tip to swab out a bit of the avocado to remove eye makeup,  and smear a larger amount onto a cotton round or washcloth to remove facial makeup.
  • Vegetable shortening is also in most people’s kitchens as it is used with baking. Shortening is actually just veggie oil in solid form. To makeup makeup remover with veggie oil,  just pick up some with your fingertips and massage it onto your skin or around your eyes,  where it is safe to go and won’t harm you. In fact,  vegetable shortening can keep your skin very smooth and soft and is great as a makeup remover.

4. Removing Different Types of Makeup Without Makeup Remover

Finally,  don’t forget that all types of makeup are different. Some store-bought makeup remover will take off any kind of makeup,  be it eye makeup or face makeup,  but when you are trying to remove makeup with other ingredients and products as listed above,  you should use some of these products for the eyes and eye makeup,  and other products for the rest of your face.

As a common rule,  use oily products like avocados,  natural oils and shortening around your eyes. You can also use these products on your skin,  but the baby tear free shampoo and conditioner may work better there.

Try these makeup removal processes on for size and see if they work for you. Remember,  you don’t need that makeup remover from the store just to take your makeup off every night!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this article.  As always  feel free to ask any questions or give your input as you see fit.